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  • JMAuthor - Nice Collection of Stories

    What a nice collection of stories. I enjoyed the variety between people and animals. I also liked that in some cases, the characters were similar to the 'Classics" but yet they stood on there own, providing a different tale in of itself. There were plenty of short stories for smallest children as well as longer stories for the older children. Having entertaining, and sometimes rhyming stories is a great way to engage the young mind and have some bonding time as well.

  • Momof20paws - Energy Greens

    Well..................This product definitely does what it says--provides energy. Not like speed or caffeine, but just an "Oh, I feel really good today" energy. The taste is "earthy". Duh---it's greens! I add it to my NutriBlasts in the morning. I've found the BEST way to use this is to put the powder in first, add the rest of your ingredients, including the water, then throw in the frig for about 20 minutes. That gives the powder time to dissolve somewhat. :) And I've found to never mix the powder with kale----way too strong for me. But spinach is fine. All in all I would definitely purchase this again.

  • Amazon Customer - Love my purchase

    Love my purchase!!!!. It arrived quickly. The color is beautiful. I ordered red. Its sturdy and compact and fits my fire tablet perfectly. Its so thin and compact I can fit it in my hand bag. I am very satisfied with my purchase.

  • Dondra - Satisfied

    I have enjoyed this Cellphone . It is dependable and it is kinda quick . It was purchased a couple of Months ago .

  • My Handle - Great for fungal skin infection for my dog!

    This shampoo works, but it requires that the dog gets no less than two baths per week and allow the shampoo to remain on the dog for at least ten minutes. My dog's who had a serious underbelly and upper torso fungal infection, was healed using this mediated shampoo. I still use it, but only once a week or so for "maintenance".

  • Galen Unold - Great Idea, bad quality

    I was hoping it would be more durable. Lasted about 3 weeks. Product is very cheaply made. The legs broke, the loading basket broke, this product is very cheap. Great Idea, bad quality.

  • BrnzBarbie - Very Satisfied!

    As a black woman, I wore lace front wigs a majority of the time. Recently I decided to wear my natural hair. Wigs often cause extensive hairline damage. While my hair is shoulder length, parts of my hairline at my temples was bald. After seeing the commercials I decided to try these pills. They work!!!! After 7 weeks, 2 pills a day, my temples are no longer bald and my hair is growing in thicker at the roots. I've also noticed a considerable reduction in hair breakage. My nails and toenails have been growing like crazy, too. I haven't paid attention to the skin as I have a very routine skin care regiment with no problems. The bad thing about these pills? They make hair on other parts of your body grow faster, too. I have to pluck, wax and shave a lot more, too. Considering the good it's done for my hair, the negative side effects are worth it.