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City: -77.4512 Virginia, United States

  • chellebelle - Outstanding

    Yes there are a few errors but the content is excellent. I appreciate the balance between ruthlessness and Compassion with the Medlov family. This Author did not disappoint.

  • RSL1 - Kreg kit

    I have noticed wooden tables that were constructed in this fashion. Some of these tables were made in the 1950's or even before that. My point is that this is not a new idea, it is just a small portable tool so that the average person like me can do it at home. With good square cuts and glue, this tool allows you to run screws in at an angle. These screws stay tight and add the durability needed to stand up to some rough use. This tool eliminates the need to clamp, so it's a real time saver. I have used this tool several times. Hope this information helps.

  • Consumer 5 - Big Chemist Charges way more than $10 for His Products!

    The book is amazing and while there is information available on other websites regarding helpful products, this book lays out information easily digestible for the little man. I tried many of his over the counter suggestions, some worked others did not. After purchasing his high priced products, I discovered they worked amazingly. I was dismayed that Shane has also gone the way of Big Pharma. Unfortunately the book is a gimmicky hook for getting you to purchase his other products selling for way more than those listed in this book. While he does share vital information, apparently his higher priced products are in quantities that are apparently better for you, given that they do work. His latest offer on his web site retails for over $300! Next thing someone will be writing a book called "Big F#@%ing Chemist worse than Big Pharma"! Too bad.

  • B. Whitney - Life changing? I think so...

    My life will never be the same. Blasted through the Chicken and Beef Chapters, but when I reached The Popcorn, not just for Christmas Tree Decoration Chapter; A-Freakin-MAZING!!!

  • William Edwards - Installed in Portuguese!!!!!

    It installed in Portuguese & I can NOT get a hold of anyone at Microsoft. Obviously I don't speak Portuguese.

  • Meagan Everett - Good for straightening

    I bought this straightener because my daughter had broken the ceramic straightener i had bought out of our local mall. I was looking for something to curl my hair like the previous straightener i had did. It straightens my hair well, but it didn't curl it as good as i was hoping. I ended up going back to the mall and buying another one there, so now i just have 2 of them in the bathroom.

  • D. A. - Literally? No more fleas. Zero.

    I saved my two kittens, and they were so infested with fleas and even had tapeworms! I was actually a little paranoid because I kept thinking a tapeworm was going to enter my system by ingesting a flea somehow. But Prolab's Tapeworm Tabs worked wonders.