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Eugene Family Practice Internal Medicine Springfield, Oregon - Family health care professionals at River Road Medical Group provide personalized health advice and internal medicine in Eugene and Springfield, Oregon.

  • http://riverroadmedical.com/family-healthcare-providers-eugene/ Family Healthcare Providers in Eugene and Springfield, OR - Eugene family care providers at River Road Medical group offer prenatal, pediatric, geriatric and emergency healthcare services in Eugene, Springfield, OR.
  • http://riverroadmedical.com/our-doctors/skyler-worthington-pa-c/ Meet Skyler Worthington, PA-C - River Road Medical Group - Skyler Worthington PA-C was born and raised in Idaho, he earned his Masters of Physician Assistant Studies from the University of St. Francis in Albuquerque
  • http://riverroadmedical.com/our-doctors/tish-davis-pa-c/ Meet Tish Davis PA-C - River Road Medical Group - Tish Davis PA-C is from central Oregon. She received her physician assistant training at the University of Colorado Health Science Center, the only PA...
  • http://riverroadmedical.com/our-doctors/dirk-debroekert-pa-c/ Meet Dirk deBroekert, PA-C - River Road Medical Group - Dirk deBroekert PA-C is a Eugene native; graduated from the U of O and spent 4 years in the U.S. Navy Hospital Corp. He completed his physician assist...
  • http://riverroadmedical.com/our-doctors/dr-patricia-buchanan/ Meet Dr. Patricia Buchanan - River Road Medical Group - Dr. Patricia Buchanan is originally from Atlanta, Georgia and went to medical school at Tulane Medical School in New Orleans, Louisiana. After internship...
  • http://riverroadmedical.com/our-services/ Health Care Services Family Practice Eugene, Springfield, Oregon - Health care providers at River Road Medical Group offer therapeutic services for families, young adults and the elderly in Eugene and Springfield, Oregon.
  • http://riverroadmedical.com/our-services/adolescents-sports-physicals/ Does your adolescent need Sports Physicals in Eugene, Oregon? - At River Road Medical Group, we provide comprehensive and sports physicals to adolescents because it's an important time to create life-long healthy habits.
  • http://riverroadmedical.com/our-services/adults/ Do you need general medical care for Adults in Eugene, Oregon? - At River Road Medical Group, we provide adults with medical exams, preventative services, and treatment for injuries, workers’ comp, accidents, and illness.
  • http://riverroadmedical.com/our-services/same-day-appointments-urgent-services/ Do you need Emergency Medical Care in Eugene, Oregon? - River Road Medical Group is committed to providing you with medical care when you need it. A physician is always on call to handle your Emergency needs.
  • http://riverroadmedical.com/our-services/medicare-wellness/ Do you need a Medicare Wellness Exam in Eugene, Oregon? - At River Road Medical Group, we want you to know Medicare and Medicare Supplemental Plans cover an annual Medicare Wellness Exam in full, without a copy.
  • http://riverroadmedical.com/our-services/pediatric-clinic/ Do you need Pediatric Care in Eugene or Springfield, Oregon? - At River Road Medical Group, we work to help you keep your child healthy by providing comprehensive health care, check-ups, immunizations, and referrals.
  • http://riverroadmedical.com/our-services/travel-consultation/ Do you need a medical travel consultation in Eugene, Oregon? - At River Road Medical Group, we provide medical travel consultation as one of our many comprehensive services to keep you healthy.
  • http://riverroadmedical.com/willamette-valley-clinical-studies/ Willamette Valley Clinical Studies - River Road Medical Group - At River Road Medical Group, our clinical trials are directed by Patricia Buchanan, M.D. as part of research that is at the heart of all medical advances.
  • http://riverroadmedical.com/new-patient-information/ New Patient Information FAQ in Eugene, Springfield, Oregon - Health care providers at River Road Medical Group provide new patient information and answers to frequently asked questions in Eugene, Springfield, Oregon.
  • http://riverroadmedical.com/contact-us/ Contact River Road Medical Family Practice (541) 688-0674 - For family health care, internal medicine, and personalized health advice, contact River Road Medical group serving Eugene and Springfield, Oregon.

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    I couple years ago I bought a "Just Dance" game and a "Dance Central" Game.......and Just Dance is definitely the winner!!! So much more fun than Dance Central. And because I really enjoy this game...I recently bought three more "Just Dance" games...this being one of them!

  • Renee - I bought this for my husband for Christmas. I ...

    I bought this for my husband for Christmas. I don't know much about bows so had to go off advice from friends. Well, my husband loves it. Hasn't had any issues using it or with the product itself. Well worth every penny for the smile on his face.

  • Andy M. - OLD technology - ONLY works on a 2G Network!

    What is not told to you...is that this device, if you would like to use it as a stand-alone phone, must have a SIM from your cellular service provider...BUT most importantly, this device only supports the 2G Network (not 3G or 4G) in other words, this is such OLD technology that your cellular service probably NO LONGER supports that, as in AT&Ts case.

  • Felishkabob - Read all warning labels if your pet sleeps in bed with you

    I recently decided to try these collars on my two dogs because Comfortis (in combination with Sentinel) wasn't doing enough to protect them from fleas and they were still regularly itching and chewing on themselves. It's only been a few days so I can't comment on the effectiveness of the product just yet, but so far, I've noticed no itching/chewing behavior.