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  • 'Raine - Fun Adventure to take.

    Loved the humor. Loved the research. Loved the skepticism and their sincerity when proven to be otherwise. Really hope they do make another one, as mentioned! They are a great group. Loving you Angela. You rock. 👍❤☺

  • Teresa L T - Great Product - Great Price - awful Instructions

    Just to level set I am one of those people that loves to assemble things. I actually think it is fun to assemble furniture from Ikea. (might note i am female late 40's) That said....this product was no fun to assemble. However - once i did figure it out, it installed fairly easily and it seems to be a good product for a very good price that will absolutely serve the purpose. I just wish the mfg or distributor would take a couple of hours and fix their instructions.

  • mo' wood - likely counterfeit

    Ultra-low price should have tipped me off. No lot # or exp. date either. Do not purchase from amazon.com or anyone other than TendSkin themselves.