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  • p mcdaniel - Boots No7 Intense Beauty Serum

    I am on my third bottle and it always comes so quickly off Amazon. I could never find it at Target because buyers grab it off the shelf as quick as it comes in. I decided that mail order saves aggravation of looking for it and gas money. This is the first product that I really can see a difference using.

  • Rosemary Cunningham - Buyer beware!

    Buyer beware!! This product does NOT work as advertised, at all. The product description is inaccurate and deceptive. It is simply a tiny battery operated razor with a small light. Also there is a very narrow window to return this item. So, if you make the mistake of purchasing this item, make sure that you return it immediately if it proves to be useless to you.

  • RObB,Z-Hills, FL - GREAT to bypass filing keurig K cups!

    I use it with my keurig simply because I didn't enjoy waiting long periods of time waiting for heated water to make it through the espresso grind and into my cup. I add 3 levels of extra fine ground into the primula and press the large sized cup button 2 to fill up my mug. I wash it over the sink and it's ready to use it again. It spills over periodically since the sides of the primula are not really high enough but could be since the keurig has a higher reach.

  • Brynne P. - Big Sexy Hair is a fantastic product that holds your hair

    A friend of mine turned me on to this spray. I have bought hair sprays for several years, and had never quite found the right on for me. Until this product, even the "Super-Mega Hold", or "Ultimate Hold" sprays would never quite hold my curly thick hair, and the smells were unbearable. I felt I had to use a lot of the spray to get the desired result, only to have gusts of wind ruin my look, or else the other tragedy-helmet head. Big Sexy Hair is a fantastic product that holds your hair, looks natural, and even smells good. You don't feel like you have been polluted with cancerous fumes with this product either, as a little goes a long way. Yes, the price for the spray is 5 times or more than the average sprays, but I feel it's worth it!

  • Jimmie - Now I can all enjoy life again

    If you've ever wanted to impress your invisible friends and alternate personalities and show you all what a great cook they really are then this is the book for you.

  • L. Oil - Great product!

    The zydot shampoo worked very well for me. I have long dark hair about 20 inches. I used two of the shampoo treatments one after the other along with a clean shirt and towel. All together the treatments took about 3 hours, but I immediately went to get my hair tested after I was done and ended up testing clean.