Veterinary Medicine, Feed Additive - SAMU MEDIAN CO., LTD. - SAMU's products are produced under the license of GMP certified by Korean Government. Our items cover various line of veterinary medicine for livestock and fish, such as vitamins, antibiotics, chemotherapeutics, nutrients, disinfectants, etc.

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  • Kisha D. Boone - This smells so good and leaves your hair really soft and it doesn't ...

    This smells so good and leaves your hair really soft and it doesn't leave a heavy build up on your hair.

  • Tina Artigliere - Software/Scanner is junk.. wished I did my research first

    I was so excited to finally get something to scan my receipts and documents so I could go as paperless as possible in my office. The problem? Everything worked OK for a few weeks and had to make some adjustments. It was time-consuming to figure it all out. Then, I just had so many problems with the scanner. I keep getting scanner failures where my receipts won't scan and software just says "scanner failure". So I contact technical support and try about 5 things and get it working again only to have the failure happen over and over and over. This thing is supposed to save my time and there's nothing more frustrating than wanting to scan things and not being able to get it to work right! I wish I never bought this thing and had researched other brands. I would NEVER buy anything from Neatworks again.

  • Haley B. - Not worth the money

    Worst phone ever. The day after I bought it at best buy, it started making this frying sound and I couldn't understand what anyone was saying. I bought a bluetooth set and it works great gor calls. Now, 3 months later, it shuts off randomly, I can't install anything, and it doesn't get texts.

  • M. Dalesandro - Disappointing in its blandness.

    Succeeds as a relatively-well drawn (if a bit stylized/cartoony) iteration of Ghostbusters in comic-book form. If you are a big fan who is dying for more GB-related material, it may scratch that itch for you.

  • Dave - Best Disaster Movie Of All Time

    As I write this 2012 has passed and I can say I enjoyed the movie even before the passing in time of that year. I am grateful this is only a movie and we can see all the destruction of the earth in Surround Sound and full 1080p glory! There are more disaster scenes happening in every square inch of the screen than in any other disaster move ever made previously. The cliff hanging scenes come non-stop throughout the entire film. The effects were topnotch quite real looking. An enjoyable film taken from the lore of ancient type prophecies. A likeable cast well acted good escapism all around!

  • Robert Domian - Good value

    Good overall quality. Real easy to install . I was a little concerned after I read some reviews but it didn't take me 10 minutes.