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  • J. M. Gardner - How greedy can they get?

    I've been a Quickbooks user for many years and while I've appreciated their continual improvements I've been increasingly rankled by their mercenary attitude. First let me give them their due. I installed Quickbooks Pro 2011 with nary a hitch and copied/restored 5 companies, again with no problems--well, aside from the fact that I regularly saw that the program "Is not responding" when in fact it was processing the file. And I received an error message on the initial install but it seems to be working... so no complaints. What chaffs me is the fact they are now charging to attach a file of any kind, even if you host it on your own computer, and they prominently display the attachment icon just to temp you? or rub your nose in it? And like many users I despise their forced upgrade policy. This is a company that too clearly puts their bottom line before customer service. This predation is apparently what happens when you have a virtual monopoly. Won't somebody please offer them some decent competition!?

  • Marla - Great product, easy installation!

    I bought this to protect my center console from my dog. It is a great buy! The installation was very easy. The seller included the sticky pads already attached so all I had to do was tear off the plastic and position it. It has held up very well so far with my dog stepping on it. I have no problems opening or closing my console and still have easy access to the lock. Great item!! I would purchase again.

  • steve s - requiring a lot of wasted plastic as Keurig forces you to use their own ...

    not environmentally good--don't buy this. The problem is that you cant use the refillable cups anymore, requiring a lot of wasted plastic as Keurig forces you to use their own non-recyclable cups. Its time to take a stand for the environment and tell Keurig that people aren't going to buy their products until they pay attention to the environment. Keurig could make re-usable cups right now if they wanted to--but Keurig hasn't done this.

  • V. Parkin - Company will not stand behind their product!

    The NutriBullet is an excellent machine it does a great job but there is a MAJOR FLAW in the blade extractor. For me after about 3 months a rusty liquid was leaking out of the blade holder bottom. Not sure if that was actually getting into the smoothie?! YUK!! Then a few weeks later the blade locked up completely and would not rotate. My husband took it apart and said that they used a wrong material in the mechanism. They should have used a stainless steel part instead of the cheap part that rusts.

  • Angelika Carroll - great mental boost

    Like all Yogi teas I use, this is another winnter! I am definitely more focused and energized after a cup of this. I hope this company never stops making teas. I have in pantry their teas for stress relief, blues away, muscle & joint, detox, energy... all of them very effective. I am saving money on chiropractor and who knows what other costly medical treatment recommended by conventional medicine and I don't have to be concerned about what I am putting in my system. If you are not convinced about the healing powers of Nature, these teas may well change your mind!

  • Audrey - Needed new cookware

    Exactly what I was looking for when I decided to purchase this set. It had the range of sizes that I wanted.