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  • TracyLynneLaForest - Best danged vacuum for the money!!!

    This is going to sound gushy, and I will not apologize for it! The NV42, is a tiny slip of a vacuum, I mean it is little, barely 15 lbs., and sits on a powerhouse of a suction motor, one that should be on a much larger model. It is not terribly noisy, the cat could have cared less until I was nearly right underneath him. The accessories are basic, but since I am not doing ground breaking scientific research on all things lint and dust, I think that they do the job that they were intended for in an honest fashion and acquit themselves admirably. I seriously purchased this, because I am a cheap to the point of being vaporish at the thought of paying too much money for anything, and I have been very happily rewarded for researching the heck out of everything I purchase. If you are looking for a vacuum that will do the job of sucking up the crap you drop for the least amount of cash, get this vacuum! You have my word, you will not have any disappointment. Happy cleaning folks!

  • Roy W. Montgomery Jr. - Predictable

    It seemed like about 10% of the time I was able to predict which number was next. It was still better than Life of Pi which, aside from being irrational, included no estimations of Pi at all.

  • assegai - Great stuff!

    Smell like balsam fir & the mice HATE it. It keeps my cars mouse free between uses & even knocks out the doggie odor in my dog transport vehicle. It will not keep mice out of an area where there is available food.

  • Erin Johnston - Best stuff ever!

    This stuff is amazing! I had to try it, because I have conditioner from the same company and it has seriously changed my life. My hair has never looked or felt better. I dye my hair often to remove grays, so the ends of it get fried pretty quick. After using this the first time, I noticed a huge difference in the softness of my hair. It's great! I received this product at a discount for my unbiased review and this is my honest opinion of this hair mask. It really is better than anything else I have tried.

  • C. Williams - Nice little product

    I like this little thing. I got it so that I didn't have to remove my antenna every time I go through a car wash. I like the way it changes the profile of the truck making it look a bit sportier. I can't speak to the reception as I live in a decent size city with strong radio broadcasts so all of the stations I listen to come through as they always have.

  • hleejpn - but nothing lasted like this lithium battery powered Linx

    We have had our Linx Cordless Vac for over two years, purchased on Amazon. It does everything we expected and more. I have numerous cordless tools, and once the lithium batteries came out and with considerable experience with nicad and others the lithium based batteries beat the others in performance. The only negative I can add is that chargers can be designed and built to quit charging once the battery is charged, eliminating the problem of shortening battery life by leaving it in the charger. I don't know if Hoover has done this yet or not. However, for us, we knew this and do not leave a charged battery in the charger.