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Country:, South America, BR

City: -43.2192 , Brazil

  • Leanne R. - Awesome!!

    This is an amazing product for when your really anxious and just need to relax. This is not a prescription yet has the same affect. I love having this to help me out when you need and not feel dependent on it! There are no side effects or "drugged" feeling during get or after use, just a sense of peace.

  • G G Tuens - nice gold bag, not yellow

    First, this bag would better be described as gold rather than yellow. It has pockets in pockets in pouches. Enough storage for most anything. Attached to one zipper is a plastic half-sphere ball marking template to draw lines and other stuff on your balls if you're into that sort of thing. It has a little pen holder pouch for your Sharpie too. It has a score card holder but interestingly no pencil holders. The feet snap in and out sharply and it appears to be very steady (unlike my last one which would fall over when someone sneezed). The single X carry strap is comfortable for a 2-shoulder carry but not as well designed for a 1-shoulder carry as dual carry strap designs. The sections are not all individually lined as the description implies but that's better than no liners. Manufacturers who make bags with no liners should include a hammer to get the clubs in the bag.

  • Dustin Riley - Unusable.

    Meter stopped working after less than 24 hours of use. On the second morning of use, the meter gave off numerous "battery low" messages. The meter was not recognized about 50% of the time, and strips would not be recognized as being inserted at all, rendering the meter useless. The meter is very portable, which is the main reason I purchased it, but now that it no longer works at all, it's a waste of money unless the manufacturer will do anything about it. This meter completely failed to meet my expectations for functionality.

  • Phazie - Outlook 2010 - No advantage to previous outlook.

    Outlook is a great email program. Unfortunately, 2010 is difficult to set up with some service providers. I can't say that it is a problem with Microsoft or the provider but since I have had 2 different providers, it would seem that it is in the software from Microsoft. Still, I like this software since it is easier to use than other web-based email programs. Being able to have a contact list with details and notes is a plus. Three stars because of difficulty in getting it to work initially and because of the cost to purchase when the added features do not add any advantage in using the program.