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  • John Barclay - Good strength gains and overall better lifts

    Good strength gains and overall better lifts. Universal nutrition is always my most trusted source for supplements and once again they hit the nail on the head.

  • Nicole - Absolutely love shopping on this app

    Absolutely love shopping on this app. You have to wait a while, but whatever it's not like anything you are buying leisurely on here is something you should need in an instant. If so, pay the few more dollars at the store in person. Clothing sizes can be tricky, so always make sure to know your measurements and to check sizing charts. Dimensions are another thing you must never forget to check- occasionally the item's picture is misleading. Clothing fabrics are sometimes thin if you get the really inexpensive things. Also, if you see anything that seems like TOO GOOD of a deal, don't get it unless it has reviews. We took a risk once and tried to buy a cheap drone, and it never arrived. However, we DID get our money back. Wish's customer service is great; you just need to remain consistent occasionally, but they have never seriously disappointed/failed me.

  • EisNinE - An Ergonomic Handle and Razor-Sharp Blade Make For A Great Hunting-Utility Knife

    It's only since I started buying more expensive, 'cutting edge' brands that I've come to appreciate Buck knives again. I kind of took it for granted that the materials Buck uses, specifically the 420 HC stainless steel, is inferior to the newer and/or more expensive steels that other companies favor. But going back and comparing knives like the Buck Kalinga, Nighthawk, and this one, the Omni Hunter, I was shocked by how sharp these blades are. I haven't subjected them to the tortures, both planned and incidental, that people like to put their blades through, I just collect knives for the hell of it. The Buck knives, including the Omni Hunter, haven't been sharpened since I took them out of the box, but they performed as well on a low impact test on paper, cardboard and 2L pop-bottles as most of the pricier ones, sometimes better. The full-tang pistol-grip and rubberized thermoplastic make for a perfectly ergonomic handle, especially combined with the jimping that extends from the top of the handle to the spine of the 1/8th-thick blade. It feels like it's locked into your hand. This is a heavy-duty knife, with a hollow-grind that starts at 1-inch and narrows to a half-inch, with a typical 20-degree edge added afterward. It makes for a razor-sharp knife ideal for skinning, but excellent for virtually any cutlery application you can think of.

  • John Frye - Condition was less than advertised.

    This book had been used over several years by about a half-dozen high school students, even though it had been billed as in excellent condition. It's perfectly useful and no pages were missing; but the condition was not as advertised.

  • J. Melgar - It's okay for the price but not solid

    it's okay enough to give you most of the channels but not all channels appear clear. also some channels do not appear. I have had to move the antenna in order for it to work on my HD television. I notice that when an airplane is in the area I loose reception and have to move the antenna. also a little bit difficult to connect to television.

  • Toolzman - Leatherman Crater c33Tx Combo Straight/Serrated Blade Knife

    Very sharp out of the box. Flicks open quickly with one hand. All but the flat blade screwdriver can be opened with one hand. The bottle opener works (I think I saw some reviews where people said it would not open bottles, but I had no problems). I find it much more useful than a full blown multi-tool and I like the way the screwdriver blades open out from the end vs the middle (as Swiss army style do) and they lock into place firmly.

  • TJ the DJ - Very useful tool!

    This angle grinder is one of the handiest tools I have. It is small, so it can get into small places. It is also light, meaning you don't tire easily from handling it. I had another DeWalt previously, but it eventually wore out, so I looked for a new one. If you need any grinder to cut small things, thin things, or things in tight spaces, this grinder fits the bill.