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  • Amazon Customer - Would recommend

    This is a great product that really helps to thicken eye brows. I have been using it for about two weeks and can see a difference. I apply it daily and it seems to be working well. If you struggle with thin brow I would recommend this product (although I have not tried any other products or home remedies).

  • Candice S. - Good for overview not question/answers

    Narrator goes very fast! I listen to these in my car and audio reviews are hard to find so I appreciate just having these. The answers are not always clear either. The narrator goes through rationales of the answers but rarely states which one is the correct answer. Again I just love having the cd to listen to I just wish the answers were more clear and she didn't speak so fast.

  • Tammy R - Invest your money on your health

    I didn't want another pill to take. I wanted an approach that would fit with my current lifestyle. Dr. Montgomery provided an approach that both my husband and I were able to benefit from and implement. We are not going to spend our retirement moneys on pills and procedures. We are going to spend it doing things we love. Thank you, Dr. Montgomery!

  • kauna13 - A miracle if used properly.

    You absolutely MUST catch the coldsore and use this when you first get that tingling feeling or you will have a harsher outbreak. I'm certain anyone with cold sores recognizes that feeling. I think most poor reviews are people using abreva too long after the initial outbreak/sensation and complain that it didn't work on the sore. If caught early enough this stuff works like a charm. I actually use it in conjunction with Lysine and Carmex Cold SoreTreatment (the Carmex Treatment is actually just an analgesic-not an actual treatment which is a bit shady if you ask me, but it works and keeps the swelling/pain down and provides a lovely masking/camoflauging effect for the sore itself..)

  • Donna - Side Effects of Align

    I began taking this product at the suggestion of my GI. He said that Align is the best because it contains Bifantis. His diagnosis was that my digestive system had been depleted from antibiotics. I was having the usual systems--gas, diarrhea, low grade fever, fatigue, and generally, just feeling horrible. I was thrilled when the product worked almost immediately. However, I became very constipated, and despite eating good food and exercising daily, it did not go away. I have tried several things, including taking the product every other day, along with eating probiotic yogurt. The constipation is still present. My G.I. suggests taking the Align for two weeks on and two weeks off. However, the original symptoms always return before the two week withdrawal period is over. I have considered taking stool softeners along with the Align, but this seems to be playing with my system too much.