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  • Bio - Shara Kay Johnson - Who is Shara Johnson? Read the biography for the gal behind the SKJ Travel blog.
  • Roadside Views of Northern Namibia: Snapshots from the Berrie Bus - Take a road trip with me through northern Namibia as I show you the scenes I saw through the window of my vehicle. Traditional homes, shebeens, social gatherings and other snippets of life that I pass by.
  • The African Hair Salon - A look at traditional Himba hairstyles, and typical hair salon buildings catering to other hairstyles in Namibia.
  • Fear and Distrust - An Argument for Witchcraft as a Primary Economic Inhibitor in Africa - Meet Chief Petrus, beloved father of an artisan community, whose bewitching episode illustrates how economic stagnation is a natural upshot of pervasive beliefs in witchcraft.
  • Hospitality - Local Folks Rock and Penguins Delight - Hospitality in Johannesburg (as if we haven't already experienced it by the boatload) and a trip to Cape Town to see the penguins at Boulder Beach.
  • Namibia II Archive - Archive for posts from my second trip to Namibia, aimed largely at researching the pervasive witchcraft culture.
  • Circling the Nxai Pan, Part 2: Animal Pals and Special Moments - Second part of virtual safari through the Nxai Pan in Botswana. This time we encounter mostly groups of animals, including elephants and big cats.
  • Circling the Nxai Pan, Part 1: One-on-One Time with the Animals - Checking out the Nxai Pan during the "green" season. Although this arid salt pan doesn't contain the abundance of wildlife elsewhere in Botswana, a delightful number of animals come out to see me and welcome me to Bostwana in the rainy season!
  • Calhan Paint Mines Fantastical Geology, Magical Color - Take a brief tour of the Paint Mines Interpretive Park in eastern Colorado, used for thousands of years by Native Americans to make dyes and tools.
  • Puerto Rico Outside San Juan: Green, Blue, Old and New - Green rain forests, blue bio-luminescence, old sugar mills and ancient ballcourts, new probings into space ... some of the things to see outside the cities in Puerto Rico.
  • Kalahari in the Wet Season -- A Divine Surprise - Safari in the Central Kalahari Game Reserve during the wet season stuns me with its lush, green landscape and dynamic skies. Oh yeah, and animals, too!
  • Twenty Years in Chains - A Triumph of Compassion Over Cruelty - The remarkable story of Ndjinaa, a Himba woman chained to a pole for 20 years, and how compassion proved more powerful than superstition and broke the shackles of witchcraft.
  • Back to the Birds - A new list from Ixtapa, Mexico - This year's wildlife viewing at Popoyote Lagoon and Barra de Potosi in Ixtapa, Mexico, introduced me to many new birds. And of course I touched base with my crocodile and iguana pals.
  • You Could Be the Next Witch - A Namibian Culture of Fear and Jealousy - You could be the next witch. Or your brother or your mother. Uncovering the witchcraft culture in Namibia shows me people living in a constant state of fear. Here is one sad tale.
  • The Peace in Human Touch: Portraits in Namibia - From Namibia ... witnessing the peace and comfort that a simple touch of affection can bring to a lonely soul.
  • Popoyote Lagoon 2015 - Ixtapa, Mexico - Year 2015 photographs from my favorite little wildlife refuge for birds and reptiles, Popoyote Lagoon at Playa Linda, Ixtapa, Mexico.

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