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  • Amazon Customer - Best PES since PES 2007 on PS2.

    As a casual player who only plays Master League mode, PES 2015 is finally the PES game I've been looking for since 2007 on PS2. I say this because I only play on regular difficulty. It's perfect. Not too easy or too frustrating. The game doesn't insult you by dumbing down the players too much. You let your guard down and the CPU *will* make you pay. Love it! I think I'll stick with this one for a long while.

  • USMel - It's okay I guess, I could not get mine ...

    It's okay I guess, I could not get mine coded because the vehicle was not "programmed" for keyless entry. Had to get an after-market unit installed.

  • Liriope - Brilliant book, written in a language that is easy ...

    Brilliant book, written in a language that is easy to understand. I valued the manner in which the facts were compared to other authors books and information. Incredible eye opening facts re Freemansons and early history regarding Paganism and its attachment to religion in order to escape persecution. One of the best! I cannot recommend this book highly enough.

  • Meg in Madison - works for chipmunks too

    While in the process of buying our townhouse, we discovered during the home inspection that a chipmunk had found a gap at the top of the foundation and had made a nice little home under the enclosed stairs. The since-evicted chipmunk was, of course, not housebroken, so it left droppings and urine all over the bare concrete floor. (Yuck.) Concrete is porous, so the urine had soaked in. A bleach solution killed the germs but didn't touch the odor. So, I did a lot of Internet research and settled on Nature's Miracle for our first attempt at odor removal. We used one quart, in two applications (one right after the other). We followed the instructions, except that we left it on for somewhat longer than recommended. Poof! Odor gone! Plus, we really appreciated that Nature's Miracle has essentially no odor itself (and I'm really sensitive to such things).

  • J. Putra - Office

    Hassle free activation from Amazon's key. OEM key only good for 1 pc but glad I don't have to keep track of the key. Its stored on Amazon in casd I need to reinstall.

  • Upset and Angry with Intuit - Upset and Angry with Intuit

    It seems Intuit is engineering their product to generate revenues and not provide service. I upgraded my Quickbooks Mac 2009 to 2011 version when I took on a new bookkeeper. My previous bookkeeper and I used the 2009 version at different times on the same computer with no problem. After I installed 2011, I was troubled to find my new bookkeeper could not access files. I called India to tech support and was told in order to have another user access the program I would need to buy another "seat license". That means and additional $240 to do what we did with no problems before. After arguing about "seat" vs "user" and trying to install and re-install the program so the bookkeeper and I use the same administrator account, I find that if you log on as a separate person and want to use the same administrator account, you cannot. It troubles me that Intuit is more interested in squeezing money from me than providing good service. I have always bought their products and all they want from me is my money, not me being happy with their product. I am uninstalling and planning on using the 2009, if i still can. I HATE INTUIT!!