Wie wir zufällig eine Colitis ulcerosa Therapie fanden - Dies ist die Geschichte einer schwierigen Zeit mit Colitis ulcerosa, und einer Therapie mit Happy End, die fast zu gut und einfach scheint um wahr zu sein.

  • Colitis ulcerosa Therapie - Colitis ulcerosa Therapie: hier finden Sie (m)eine Geschichte einer 10-jährigen Odyssee, und einer Therapie, die uns sozusagen in den Schoß fiel.

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  • D.Lynd - Wished babies liked as much as I do!

    I used to make fun of these things when I'd pass them in Babies R Us but after one of our baby boys spent a week in the NICU, where they made constant use of these, I figured it was worth the investment to have something he was familiar with at home. Yeah. He hates it. I'm super bummed too because I totally fell in love with this thing! The auxiliary hook up, white noise sounds, multiple motions, comfy padded fabric, and unique design had me enraptured. Unfortunately our little men moderately stand being placed in here. Baby 1 can't stand being in it for more then 5 minutes. Baby 2 enjoys it a great deal more then his brother but that's not a hard mark to hit. I think the babies might have enjoyed it more if we could adjust the direction the seat faces, not just the recline. Also, the toy bar is so beyond pointless. They might as well not even have it.

  • Keywestfan - beginning of the Tudors

    Interesting but hypothetical novel of the soldier who married the widowed Queen of England and founded the Tudor dynasty. Who was Owen Tudor? This seems as plausible as any theory!

  • Judee - The best helper for keeping dampness and mold out of house

    The best helper for keeping dampness and mold out of house. We are surrounded by wetlands so DampRid is a necessity and wouldn't do without them, couldn't be! The big ones last a long time, worth every cent.

  • Runar - a great read

    I am a Cheryl Strayed fan, having read Wild with much enthusiasm. If it wasn't for that fact I have to admit I probably wouldn't have read BAE2013. But am I glad I did! Each story grabbed me and had something to teach me about other peoples experiences, and through that also teaching me about myself. Heartbreaking in places, dramatic in others... a great read.

  • Dustin Underwood - I thoroughly enjoyed this movie

    I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, especially for a movie that has this many negative reviews, which is essentially why I'm reviewing it, to help break the trend and encourage people to watch it and develop their own opinions. I believe that most people are just jumping on the "I hate it because everyone else does fad", and they do not actually even give it a chance. I really appreciated most of the jokes, and loved the cast. I'm a huge fan of Saturday Night Live, and that's one of the main reasons I wanted to see this, because it has most of the cast in it. All characters were great, except for Kate McKinnon, which was extremely disappointing because she is one of my favorite actors on SNL. I don't believe her acting was bad, I just didn't like the character that she was portraying. I would recommend this movie, and have no regrets for renting it through Amazon.

  • janet l riebe - Whiter teeth

    This is the first product that I have tried that does not aggravate my sensitive teeth. I noticed whitening after the first use. My husband started to use this, too, so just purchased the larger size. I use once daily, in the evening. I do not drink coffee, but my husband does and he he happy with the results. Definitely recommend.