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  • All Herbs - The Herbalist - Certified Organic and Wild Harvested Herbs The Herbalist carries over 150 organically grown and ethically harvested medicinal herbs. Each herb is available in m
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  • Common Cold - The Herbalist - A “cold” is the common name for the upper respiratory infection that can be caused by any of more than 200 viruses. The virus implants into the membranes that l
  • Bladder, Kidneys, Immune System & Intestines - The Herbalist - In the color system of health restoration, the color orange is beneficial for promoting the health of the immune system, kidneys, bladder and gastrointestinal t
  • Organic Special Teas - The Herbalist - The Herbalist organic teas are different from any other herbal teas you will find on the market today. Why? They are blended with selectively chosen organic and
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  • Vitamin Supplements - The Herbalist - Though we specialize in medicinal herbs, we believe that vitamin supplements have an important role in maintaining natural health.  The cornerstone of our suppl
  • Blood Sugar Blues - The Herbalist - Promotes Pancreatic Health and Normal Blood Sugar Levels in Healthy People* Description This tonic helps maintain healthy blood sugar balance for those within n
  • Blubberwack - The Herbalist - Glandular Support for Healthy Thyroid and Efficient Metabolism* Description This tonic supports the glandular system, specifically the thyroid and adrenal gland
  • Multiple Choice - The Herbalist - Daily Weight Management*Multiple Mineral Support* Description This is one of The Herbalist's Daily Tonic Elixirs that supplies the body with the daily minerals
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  • The Herbalist Supports the Fight Against Cancer with New Formula The M - The Herbalist - The Mighty Mushroom Mix ….Is here!! The Mighty Mushroom Mix is composed of four medicinal mushrooms; Reishi, Chaga, Turkey Tail, and Lion’s Maine. Consider the

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  • Amazon Customer - So Gentile!

    I love how gently this scrub exfoliates. Most products I've used have irritated my skin, but Simple Sugars never has. Would definitely recommend.

  • Rob Malcolm - Pitcher is way too fragile for they money

    Less than a week after I bought this blender, the pitcher cracked and started leaking. I called Ninja's parent company and they agreed to send me a replacement. No problem. A MONTH LATER, the pitcher finally arrived. Two days later, the replacement had a crack in it. I didn't drop either pitcher. For the price of this thing you would expect pyrex or at least some kind of much more durable plastic than you get. Don't waste your money.

  • SamanthaLee - Try it!!!

    I wanted to use this for awhile before rating this system. I am overall satisfied. I've been using it for three weeks and I'm seeing consistent results. I should also mention that I have borderline cystic acne, so the fact that I haven't experienced huge zits since using this says a lot. MAKE SURE YOU FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS! Seriously! Also while using this I've been dermarolling and using the illumask. Together, the three pack a punch! Try this system. It's