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    I just built my first gaming rig a couple of months ago and so I HAD (you know the feeling) to have a gaming keyboard, gaming mouse, and appropriate gaming pad. With that said, I purchased both the Razer Sphex and the SteelSeries QcK Mini Gaming MousePads. Neither was expensive and how to choose was the question. So I purchased both.

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    News junkies may worry that they won't learn anything new from this account, but Balz does an excellent job of revealing the larger lessons of this election:

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    This is a great moisturizing product. I have thick hair that always needs moisture and this product really delivers. I can leave it in my hair while I exercise and not have goop running down the side of my face.

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    As a Microsoft Partner I can get this through them, but it would cost more and they would not ship it for free for two days. This is the DVD developer version so it cannot be used to run a business, it's for development use only... limited users.

  • whatithink - Handle leaks after o-ring inside it is dislodged

    Okay, I would have given this 5 stars, but it failed after 4 months. I had the exact same problem a previous reviewer here had: water started leaking from the handle around the tip-eject button. Water would still come out of the tip but at very low pressure and increasing the power did not help as it would just leak faster. A few days before the leak happened, the tip became noticeably harder to insert into the handle. If you eject the tip and look down the insertion hole in the handle with a flashlight, you may see a warped black thing that looks out-of-place. This is the rubber o-ring seal that has become dislodged from the slot that holds it in place.