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  • David Tiberi - Intelligent Protection for Shield Tablet!

    I'm so happy with this product...I had a friend of mine put it on for me, because I stink at doing it, and it fits perfectly on my shield tablet, and the stylus touch response is spot on...plus if I need to, I can use my fingers and not worry about surface print issues...cleans up easily as well...

  • CoilyHairedBeauty - I love it!!!!!!!

    There are sooo many things to love about this product. It's all-natural, and smells like sweets! It's very moisturizing, and it's pH is around 4.5-5.0, which is what hair needs, to have smooth cuticles and be frizz-free. It's "hold" is medium IMO when you use a moderate amount. If you glob it on, of course your hair will be hard.

  • Mokelel - Perfect for adjusting to new time zones for traveling or for when returning home.

    I took one pill the first time I took it and I became sleepy within half an hour. I did not feel groggy at all the next day. The next time I took these, I took the recommended 2 pills. And same affect. Sleepy within half an hour and no grogginess the next day.

  • Belita - Maybe 3lbs, definitely not 10

    The product is really sweet-almost syrupy- so if that's not your thing you may have trouble swallowing it. I was hungry the whole time because this does not fill you up. I would advise against exercising since you're only taking in 400 calories a day. This is definitely not a long term solution, and the claim to lose 10lb in 2 days is perhaps true for anyone at least 100lb over weight.

  • diana smith - just buy the protein shakes at your local store for $20

    It's like taking a multi-vitamin in morning. It helps you wake up and feel better, but by lunch I was exhausted and wanted to take a nap. I lost nothing, but I did feel better. After about 2 weeks, my hunger cravings came back. It was expensive for this product to not work. I will just stay with my vitamins and buy my protein shakes for about $20 at Wal-Mart. Same feeling and same effect for a lot cheaper.

  • Doing what I can - Slow and steady wins the race

    We have two of these in our home, and my daughter's father bought one for his 3 year old son. All of our leap pads take a minute or so to load but they work. They've all been dropped at kid height, they all still work. The kids love them.

  • Jinxers - Quality product

    Quality product. Great picture. Is able to handle HD content and provides a better picture quality than my satellite. Also comes with an hdmi cable which was an unexpected bonus. The remote that comes with it is a little sub par. Get a keyboard remote to go with it.