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  • Chisel178 - Looks good, but doesn't perform good

    I was very happy with the look and feel of the product when I opened the box. It's solid and heavy and makes my 4Runner look much more stylish. However, I am dissapointed on the reception of my radio as it sounds as if I don't have an antenna on the car and most stations sounds fuzzy. I would give it 5 stars on looks, but 0 stars on sound reception quality.

  • Mystro - Total Crap. Roxio scams again. Avoid all Roxio products.

    I got scammed by Roxio 2010 Pro Creator. My wife bought 2011 for her office thinking it might actually work better than 2010 Pro Creator.....What a joke. The 2011 still doesn't work with Windows 7. As far as I can tell Roxio is a scamming software company. At this point, I must recommend avoiding all Roxio products.

  • flint350 - While the (trial) product did not work for me as ...

    While the (trial) product did not work for me as hoped, and produced some unpleasant side effects, my biggest complaint is with the marketing and cancellation process. First, be aware of any order that is part of a free/low cost trial. They will automatically bill you very quickly, possibly before you can reach a conclusion. Second, cancelling was very frustrating as the high pressure salesman kept insisting I continue, give it longer, etc. He explained as nauseum that my side effects were normal, I should keep going and even deceptively said he had cancelled the order. Hidden in his language was the suggestion this may not be fully true. When pinned down, he admitted he had only cancelled "the next" order and that following orders would continue. When I challenged his tactics, he became agitated and almost rude to the point that I had to disconnect once getting confirmation that ALL orfers would be stopped. You shouldn't have to work this hard to cancel a product. I would never purchase from this company again, simply based on their customer service.

  • David L. Parsley - but it seemed to make it worse. If you can take the time

    I've had some success with this is in the past, but not as much this time. I had been soaking my feet daily in a 50/50 warm water+white vinegar, and that had been working well. I bought this to supplement that treatment, but it seemed to make it worse. If you can take the time, I would go with my dermatologist's recommendation: 10-15 minute daily soak in 50/50 warm water + vinegar. I was told this could cure it in about 9 months (toenails are slow to grow).

  • Wenedwr - I think this gave my computer viruses

    Got a bunch of viruses or infections trying to download this software. Microsoft now wants to charge me $150 to fix which I don't have. Very disappointed.