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Country:, Europe, IE

City: -6.2595 Leinster, Ireland

  • N. S. Auxier - Great coin collecting book

    I got this for my mother and she loves it. The map is large and good print quality. The quarters fit right in. If you're careful, you can remove quarters from the map with minimal damage. She liked that it has two spots for each quarter, so you can collect both mints. It is also very informative, as it tells you which national park is for which state and what year they will be released.


    I am nine months in and this thing is now a piece of junk. It doesn't have enough pressure to push the water through. Wasting coffee trying to get a half decent brew. Water doesn't even get warm. DO NOT BUY THIS PIECE OF JUNK. I am so angry, I will take this outside and destroy it with my hammer! DON"T BUY THIS! Mr. Coffee, you've lost me as a customer.

  • Lightning City Book Reviews - hot, romantic and just smirk inducing funny

    Callie Hutton spins her Regency Rom/Com magic on this clever, witty, and steamy romantic romp! "Seducing the Marquess" has so many facets sweet and saucy, funny and smart, tender and passionate. The premise, for me at least, is quite clever for a Historical - a Regency period woman finds a "How to Spice Up Your Marriage" book and uses it to keep her husband from acquiring a new mistress. It's like going back in time and dropping book version of Cosmo off into 1800s London. Our Heroine is Lady Eugenia, known in her debutante dates as "The Ice Queen". A moniker she abhors. On the outside she is unshakeable, never a hair out of place, the perfect smile, and gown on display, and her household running like glass. Inside she's loved her husband since their courtship and wants to them to have a full marriage. Eugenia thought that the Marquess cared for her more personally during their courtship because he would often surprise her with special little presents - more than the stiff and requisite outings of an advantageous match. They've been married 5 months and Devon's kept his mistress though that is what is expected by the ton. Eugenia wants … more. Beneath the rigorous training that her mother instilled in her to be the proper and perfect wife for a Marquess she is a woman who wants the knowledge that will keep her husband satisfied and home every night. At the onset she's at a loss as to what to do and when she finds a "handbook" she grows beyond merely the seduction aspect and becomes a - free thinker! The Hero is Richard, the Marquess of Devon, known as Devon - is the archetypal member of the ton. In fact, he and his Lady are quite popular - their very presence at a musicale, ball, or rout is a coup for the host. He learned what the role as a husband entails from his father and truth be told he's not comfortable with it and is merely going through the motions and putting up a convincing façade. Devon isn't an Alpha Hero, but in this book he goes through a myriad of personalities: the proper British husband, the smitten husband, the guilty lusting over his delicate sensibilities wife, the possessive husband, and the vengeful and jealous husband. Both of these characters have their fabulous comedic moments and the action is solidly focused on the two of them. The last 10 pages or so are hot, romantic and just smirk inducing funny. The last 4 lines - fantastic!

  • Tang Yuanming - OK as a Day-to-day calendar, not what you'd expect from TNY though.

    The printing is OK, but the plastic support of the calendar is simply crude! The content (cartoons) are pretty cool and funny. 3 stars.

  • Mike - Great product

    This thing is great. I installed it on a 2009 Challenger SRT. It makes a huge difference in the way the car shifts. Installation was easy. It arrives in the box with some taps for hooking up the wiring, a USB cable, and a card telling you to go download the instructions.

  • college student - Book seems good but the pages are incredibly thin

    Book seems good but the pages are incredibly thin... seems like they cheaped out on that pretty hard this time around. My highlighter bleeds through on a lot of pages and it feels like its going to rip whenever I flip the page. That being said this book is a must for med students.

  • Susan PW - Yeah!

    My dog has an autoimmune disease from too many vaccinations and started having problems with losing hair - gave him this and a few weeks late I see improvement in his coat!