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  • Ed Sears - JUNK "Do Not Disappoint Your Child By Buying This !!!"

    Would have to give this NO stars. Absolute JUNK..Purchased and the motor only lasted a month if that. Now it takes almost 3 min to cock back and throw. Do not buy this product, they wouldn't even stand behind it when I contacted them.....

  • Guitar Johnny - Excellent tool for becoming a solid guitarist!

    This is a great game, like Guitar Hero but you actually learn to play a guitar! Guitar Hero is actually BAD for guitar players. Cons: the PC version sometimes struggles to pick up on the timing of my playing, but no big deal you just play through it til you get it done.

  • Kika - awesome helmet

    I purchased this helmet not seeing it and not knowing exactly how it would fit but once it arrived and I put it on, I was not disappointed. This helmet is amazingly light and very comfortable. In fact, I have never felt a helmet this comfortable. I've owned numerous giro helmets in the past and this one is the best ever. what adds to its amazing comfort is its chinstraps which are light, thin, but strong. once you have it strapped, you hardly know its there. aesthetically, this helmet is very attractive. It has a very nice low and shapely profile which is a joy to look at. More importantly though, it actually looks good on the head. This was the first time I ever looked in the mirror while wearing a helmet and didn't see an egghead staring back at me. Not that it should matter as helmets are for protection but it doesn't hurt to have a helmet that actually looks great on the wearer. this helmet is not cheap but you will definitely get what you pay for if you decide to get it. This helmet is totally worth it in my opinion.

  • Ritamarie Green - This is perfect! It has a really long and roomy infusing ...

    This is perfect! It has a really long and roomy infusing basket and holds plenty of water, the flip top seals tight which allows me the ability to invert it a few times to mix the fruit sediment. I am really happy I bought it.

  • c323999 - deja vu dead sea minerals facial peeling

    The deja vu bulls*** is a scam. The one time I actually bothered to pay attention to kiosk at the mall. 24 on amazon 60 in the mall plus free soap ...lmao hope it works

  • Edward Loiseau - Grey's Anatomy is an amazing show. Like most of the other reviews

    Grey's Anatomy is an amazing show. Like most of the other reviews, this is directed to Amazon. It's 8:47 on a Friday night, and yesterday's episode isn't out yet. Starting to think cable might be a better idea than amazon at this point...

  • Eleanor Ruby - great product.

    I got my lips tattooed. The cosmetologist that put the permanent lip color in my lips told me that Abreva works best on the lips for the first week after getting the procedure done. She was right. This stuff helped heal my lips fast and made it to where they weren't as flakey that first week after getting the permanent color in my lips. I highly recommend Abreva for the lips.