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  • T. Lovering - Not like the first bottle I used, at all

    Let me start by saying, I have used this product before when purchased at another beauty specific retailer, and it worked great. For some reason, it did not have the same effect when purchased here. So it could be that the product was just an off bottle, or it could be that the reseller had a different version, or whatever the reason... I would not buy it here again, it didn't even smell completely like the original bottle I had. I will stick with authorized retailers for Deva Curl products.

  • Amazon Customer - more energy!

    I have horrible memory and concentration so I thought I would give brain support a try. I don’t know if it made my memory any better, but I did notice an increase in energy, which helped me maintain focus. The capsule is what some people would thing are big to swallow, although some prenatal vitamins are much larger then these are, so I don’t have a problem taking them at all. My husband really wants to try them too so I maybe ordering some for him as well!

  • Pamela S. Dorris - I'm Red-Faced, plus Roomba Factoids

    Okay. I've always fancied myself a neat housekeeper. Roomba has proven I'm a slob. Every time I empty the dustbin on this little wonder, I'm positively horrified by what I find: enough cat fur to weave an afghan, enough human hair to make a wig, and more sheer SHMUTZ than I'd believe possible, especially after I've vacuumed the same area with my $600 deluxe cannister vacuum. If you are a lazy person, you'll love the fact this little machine does your vacuuming for you and does it VERY well. If you are a lazy person you'll hate having to keep the brushes clean after every third use. Trust me, though, it's worth it.

  • Amazon Customer - Way to mess up one of my favorite childhood movies!

    They attempted to create a franchise with this flick. Which I don't think is a bad idea considering where the film industry is today. However, they failed miserably with a weak story structure, cheesy acting, and predictable plot.