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Country:, North America, US

City: -77.3827 Virginia, United States

  • Alex LeDudeman - It's a different kinda animal, but I love it.

    I personally love this ball, but I have to take one star off because nobody wants to play with it. Beginners and especially girls complain it's too hard, even though I have it inflated to slightly below regulation. They also complain it feels "small" even though it's official size. I love the panel design, the cover texture and feel, and the color scheme. I find it very easy to track in the air against a background of bright fluorescent lights which makes my hitting more consistent. The slightly denser feel of this ball compared to the crappy 18 panel Wilson and Baden balls at my gym makes it easier for me to place my sets, though hitting requires a bit more precision on the player's part. This is a player's ball, and if you got game, you'll probably enjoy it. If you're a beginner or complain when your forearms get red, then stick to your open gym's stock marshmallows.

  • Michael pupo - Very good item would buy it again

    Very good item would buy it again ... This item look beautiful on my 2014 Harley Davidson night rod special

  • AmazonOrders - Great keyboard!

    Love this keyboard! I don't condone murder but this keyboard could do just that if you smacked someone in the face with it and you'd probably get an audible click as it connected. Also it will destroy anything you throw it at while you're raging.

  • Jacquie C M - Hmmm...3.5 Stars...

    This book had a lot of potential, and Isabella is a talented author. Unfortunately, it wasn't her best work in my opinion.

  • Jenna Johnson - Disappointing

    I have both the 2012 and 2013 editions (the 2nd was a gift). The bottom line is that there is no real functional difference between the two despite any changes that were made. It is the same book, slightly different. Here is my complaint: this book has quite a few "editors" and "contributors" who seem to be medical students. Great class project and all, but the lack of editing shows a lack of concern from Le, Bhushan, and Hofmann for the quality of the finished product. For example, 2012 had such a list of errata it is hard to believe that anyone checked any facts before printing and selling the product. Although 2013 seems to have fewer errors, it has reprinted some of the exact same ones from 2012! No one even checked the previous errata list? I mean, it was really long and all, but they are asking for more money from us, right?