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  • Services - The Healing Lotus - Our packages allow you the flexibility to combine massage therapy treatments with postural training instruction.
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  • Elainep - Great for Receipts, Not so much for Documents!

    I purchased this scanner to help me tame the paper clutter in my office. I read several reviews and comparisons between this and the Scansnap 300 by Fujitsu - which I also own and I would like to give my suggestions on which one to purchase. If you are looking for a solution to convert paper into PDF files, then I would suggest the Scansnap S300. I scanned multipage documents using both scanners and I have to say that the Scansnap is MUCH better with OCR (creation of searchable documents.)

  • MEDUSZA666 - RhinoShield is a great brand that is known for creating products that can ...

    RhinoShield is a great brand that is known for creating products that can take a beating when protecting your mobile devices. I purchased this for my iPhone 7 plus because I wanted something that offered more protection from shattering my screen than a tempered glass screen protector that is more or less just putting another piece of glass over your phone's glass screen which can be shattered or chipped also if dropped. The plastic screen protector looks great when applied correctly and the screen protector does not interfere with the phone's viewing clarity. My only issue with this product so far is that installation was a little difficult and requires some patience/precision, specifically aligning the camera cutout on your phone because if not done perfectly it can create a noticeable glare on your front facing camera created from wherever the screen protector overlaps the camera's lens. But unlike other screen protectors reapplication is doable and it can be done multiple times without damaging the screen protector or the adhesiveness of it until you get the cutouts to align perfectly, such as in my case when installing it on my phone. Overall, I am really satisfied with this product and I am confident it can hold it's own against drops and provide the best protection for my iPhone's glass screen.

  • Amazon Customer - Five Stars

    Great product, used as a base for an off road trailer. (Modified for solar charging, inverter, etc)

  • Marissa & Richard - Paw Patrol Giant Puzzle

    My three year old son LOVES this puzzle!!! This is the perfect puzzle for a toddler who enjoys doing puzzles, or for a toddler who is just starting to experiment with them. The pieces are large, durable, and bright. The box is also durable and bright, which can be used as a reference tool if the child becomes "stuck." Like most toys my son receives, I thought he would grow tired of it after a few days- however, that's not the case!! I can't wait to purchase more of these puzzles... They're a dream come true- not only for my son, but for myself, as well! ;)

  • Fastphoto - Not as good as 2009 Creator SE

    I have a good fast computer with 8 GIG of RAM, 3 large hard drives; with an OS of Windows 7 Ultimate. It more that meets the requirements for this product. With just about all of its features, my computer would hang up for several minutes before responding. I did not have any other program open. I tried to make it work properly for almost a month. Amazone was kind to let me return it.

  • Taylor - I thoroughly enjoyed this book consisting of multiple of the "best" essays

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book consisting of multiple of the "best" essays. Many of them were only a few pages long and able to be read in one sitting which was very convenient. The essays were very entertaining which made it a pleasant read and I recommend this to everyone of all ages.

  • B. Tambling - Terrific deal for anyone with a couple of really small corporations

    I have a couple of very small corporations I still mange for small amounts of consulting work. I wish for that small amount of money you didn't need to file taxes, but you do. This is a very affordable tool for anyone that needs to knock out their Federal filings for their small businesses. I haven't used the 2013 edition yet, but 2012 was able to grab my existing Quickbooks files just fine and provide me a basic filing with e-file (I believe you can still e-file up to five businesses with this product, no additional costs, just State filing is more). So I filed my small C-Corp, my small S-Corp, easy. Now if you had all kinds of crazy deductions and complexities, I'm not sure if I'd trust their wizard to walk you through all that and I'd recommend an accountant. However, when you have fairly straight forward needs and just need to be in compliance for your small business, especially if it is a couple of very small businesses, this is a fantastic deal in my opinion. If you don't already run Quickbooks, I'm not sure how easy it would be, but probably still worth considering.