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  • PatchesNGabriel - Works for me

    Don't really know. I think it's working. I use this as a nutritional supplement for my dog's home made recipe. He gets 1/2 of one and it's difficult to get him to take it so I end up coaxing him a lot, but so far he's taking it, along with another vitamin his recipe calls for. His recipe was created by a medical nutritionist. He's been on the diet for a year and he's doing really good with it. Unfortunately the dog food failed him, this way we know he's definitely getting all of his vitamins and minerals and the appropriate amount of protein, etc.

  • Toyz - Bad software

    After reading all the bad reviews I still bought the software after quicken forced me to upgrade from an older version. Now all my accounts are totally off. It does not show the payments from my checking/savings to the credit card accounts which has created a big imbalance.

  • pgeders - Awesome Customer Service

    I have only had to contact Webroot twice. Both times I was treated to very professional customer support. They are friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient. They know their product inside out. Used to have Norton and McAfee...neither hold a candle, in my opinion, to Webroot.

  • ckostjr - How to Tell if Your Yeti is Real

    Watch this item. After trying three times, I received three counterfeit tumblers from China, regardless of where the seller says the item is. (Two were in Georgia, one in Colorado.) The items all had the same serial number on the bottom. The easiest way to tell if your is genuine, is to (1.) look at the serial number at the bottom - it should be etched in dark and crystal clear text (not blurred) and (2.) run your fingernail over the YETI imprint on the side of the tumbler. On a real YETI, your fingernail will not catch the edges of the letters, but on a fake one, your nail will stop at the edges. Good luck. I gave up and purchased mine at REI.

  • Litlrascul - Borner grater

    This is a great product. I have been using Borner graters for over 20 years now . I highly recommend it!