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  • Denise Goring - Hip, Hip Hooray

    Okay this is total OP (Old People) Geriatric type of post but Oh well! My hip has been hurting for a few months and the pain got pretty bad the last few weeks. I went to an orthopedic surgeon, and have been going to a chiropractor, and getting acupuncture, cupping, massage 2-3 times a week with little relief. I probably bought every concoction out there. Even went to some Japanese store and bought God knows what kind of ointment where the entire package was in Japanese but it had a picture of a person holding their back so i figured it might work. But it didn't. Nothing seemed to get rid of the pain deep in the joint. Then i bought some Penetrex. At first I thought $20 for 2 oz was a lot....but it was more than worth it. When I got it I opened that bad boy up in parking lot and started slathering it on my hip in the car. I couldn't wait.

  • Lucy Lassiter - Three Stars

    Not so satisfied, not easy to operate, this one is a refurbished phone, constantly rebooting, most inconvenien t!!!!

  • Ken A Hansen - RIP OFF no stars for tho one

    O.K. This is another ripoff. Trial " turn out to be extended automatic billing $$$$ yes first #189.00 then $149.00 till i noticed it on my bank account. Called and the person was very rude. Got to look at the very fine print somewhere i guess. I maybe will get a refund for the October billing. so far ply got the little tube in the big box.