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  • jeff sekera - Ok, nice and light, but not well made.

    These are ok. 1 month of rides and they are showing wear, not a great value. Velcro strap is flimsy and has already begun to tear where it attaches to glove. Will not buy again.

  • mike - Welcome To The Great Wall Of Floyd!

    Welcome To The Great Wall Of Floyd! We all have a copy of this album in some form. So we are buying this because of the remastered sound & bonus tracks.Now i have bought all 3 Experience Versions Dsotm & Wywh & this. On to the sound it's a very smooth sound but for a new remaster i'm suprised that the volume is not more up front and loud. It is a great smooth mix of the drums and vocals and can handle all the volume you can give to it like on the other two Experience Versions. The bonus tracks are cool to some degree. It's cool to hear what they had to go through to get the finishing results. Some are like unmixed full songs and some are just bits and pieces of just keyboards and Roger Waters just screaming away in the mic. Half of the demos are kinda cool the other half not so much. They also had this listed as 4 cd's and it was only 3 cd's but whatever as long as all the music i paid for is on there i dont care. The repackaging is nice and lots of shiny detail & artwork.This is a very good new version with some extra stuff to hear.The only thing i think it is missing on here is WHEN THE TIGERS BROKE FREE & OUR BACKS TO THE WALL. They did put a demo version of OUR BACKS TO THE WALL but not a good one.If those two songs where on here i would be giving this 5 stars but since they didn't put it on here i'm going with 4 stars.

  • Adamson - Fantastic light!

    This is quality hardware. I've carried it for a couple months now and it has yet to disappoint me. This is the first light I've purchased that actually lived up to the lumen bragged. This light will light up a woodland from well over 100 yards back. Moreover, the adjustable settings are good. The lowest setting is low enough that I could flash a single room of the house without pronouncing down the hall that I'm there. The rechargeable battery is quality and holds a fantastic charge. Definitely recommend this light to anyone as a tactical light, glove box light, tool box light, or a small drawer or travel light.

  • Jack - love it

    I love this tea. Great flavor and it is calming. And I:m glad they recently redesigned the packaging to make them easier to open.