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  • Science Letters - Science Letters is a multidisciplinary, peer-reviewed, biannual, open access scientific journal. We publish origional research articles, short communications, reviews, case studies, data analysis, letters, technical reports and research methodologies. We are dedicated to serve as a forum to share the knowledge on research advances in all areas of following fields of sciences:Agricultural/Plant sciencesAnimal/veterinary SciencesBiotechnologyChemical and physical sciences Environmental sciencesFood sciencesMedical sciencesMicrobiologyMedical sciencesChemical and physical sciencesSpace sciencesMicrobiologyEnvironmental sciencesBiotechnologyComputer sciencesMicrobiologyEnvironmental sciencesBiotechnologyComputer sciences
  • Veterinaria - Veterinaria is an global peer-reviewed journal dedicated to providing to the advancement and dissemination of scientific knowledge concerning veterinary sciences and related academic disciplines. This journal is published four times per year in March, June, September and December) in English. It covers all the scientific and technological aspects of veterinary sciences including, fisheries, poultry, anatomy, histology, physiology, biochemistry, pharmacology, microbiology, virology, pathology, public health, nutrition, parasitology, infectious diseases, clinical sciences, alternative veterinary medicine and other biomedical fields.
  • Biomedical Letters - anatomic pathology biochemistry, genetics immunology, microbiology and virology molecular cellular and cancer biologyneurosciencespharmacologyphysiologyimproved disease diagnostics procedures
  • Cell and Animal Biology - veterinary and animal sciences animal species including ruminants, camelids, equines, canine, feline poultry, and fisheries. food and dairy animals, their management and production. Anatomy, Histology, Physiology, Pharmacology, Microbiology, Pathology, Feeding and Nutrition, Parasitology, Veterinary Medicine, alternative Veterinary Medicine, Animal Reproduction, Embryology, Surgery and Obstetrics. Biomedical Sciences

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  • D. Gleason - not good

    It wasn't what i expected, and it's very sticky. makes my hair feel dirty so i would not rec9ommend it at all

  • Nicole123 - I don't believe this product is all natural like it advertises

    I don't believe this product is all natural like it advertises. I can feel the difference on my sensitive skin. I would NOT buy this again.

  • realpersonreviews - Not full.

    Mine looks less than half full. It looks like someone dipped their fingers in it and took out a huge chunk. It wasn't full it's ridiculous I can't believe what a rip off

  • Mark M. Wiggins - Great product

    I have used Quickbooks for 15 years. The new version is great. The enhanced payroll bundle is an amazing value compared to what just a normal 1 year subscription is for payroll.

  • Missy2007 - Goodbye First Response

    Horrible design! I was an avid First Response customer. I have been a member of TTC forums for years. Always always always, when a member would post a faint positive with any other brand, we would say "confirm with FRER on FMU". FRER was trusted, quality product. We preferred FRER over digitals, hands down! Before switching to the new design I started noticing FRER producing nasty indent lines. Indent lines so dark they rivaled faint positives. Then they switched the design. Hopeful, I ordered a box; big mistake. The first test was so awful urine seemed to soak the test strip under the window, despite the fact that I do a careful dip (this ain't my first rodeo...). The next one formed a urine puddle on the test strip that looked like a faint positive. The third turned yellow very rapidly, even though my urine was not darker than any other time (I'm a pretty hydrated person). Today I made the mistake of picking up FRER in the store again. I KNEW I should have gone with clear blue, KNEW it. But for some reason I thought I could trust FRER still. Nope. Urine puddle, right under the test screen. This test is worthless. I'll be switching to clear blue for good. I suggest FRER use its last $8 from me to fund the circa 2012 tests to be back on the market...