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  • Kristy N. - worth every penny

    This was worth every penny for all the hours my kids have spent on it since we first set it up. It always keeps them entertained and it is a great way for them to burn off their energy. It never lost the "new toy charm" even after months. Good sturdy trampoline. The net makes it much safer than the ones I grew up with. My husband also loves it. We decided to go with the 15ft tramp so that adults could jump and flip without worrying about hitting the net. It works for the whole family.

  • julie clapper - Happy

    Great products! I was seriously losing my hair at a scary rapid rate and my hair is already fine & thin. I had a grandmother, an aunt & a sister suffer from baldness, they had some hair but very, very little. I'm not just fighting genetics but pre menopausal as well, with a stressful job. I've started their line a long with the Hair Booster (LOVE this stuff) and scalp treatment. Not only has my hair loss stopped, but growing some back! Good luck I hope it works as well for you.

  • Lefty Knows Best - Made in China

    Well, I only made it to the third step in the assembly process before I lacerated my thumb and required (3) stitches. So, I don't have experience using the machine, but I have experience putting it together, and I'm not impressed with what's required for assembly. The plastic on the sides that covers the arm mounting areas is held in place with little "clip nuts" that are extremely difficult to get lined up and difficult to thread the bolt into. I'm a mechanical engineer, I design assemblies like this for a living, and I'm fairly good at it. Perhaps some of the difficulty was that we are installing the treadmill on carpet making reaching the threaded locations nearly impossible, but can easily think of 100 different ways to attach these side covers without the ridiculous low precision method the Chinese engineers with Sole came up with. If you plan to purchase one of these, be sure to add $50 to the cost for the potential emergency room visit.

  • Anuld - Food repellant

    Bought this product as I was going overseas and had a fear of toads, so does my sister. Not only did it keep the toads away but also the snakes which seemed to be on the rise this summer. Amazing product.