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  • sweepking - Homebrew for the beginner or the hobbyist

    Having read most of the reviews here for Mr. Beer I felt I would add my two cents. I have brewed beer using the standard "medieval sorcery" kit that is advertised on most homebrew websites and with the Mr. Beer kit. Having done both, I prefer the Mr. Beer kit. The Mr. Beer kit is a great introduction to brewing. You can make it as simple as you want or do more complicated things with it as well. It is simply a scaled-down, stand-alone, and single-stage fermenter. If you want to do a full boil on your wort, add fruits etc. and use it for that, it can work just as well as any other plastic pail. The nice thing for beginners is that it comes with nearly everything for brewing your first beer for half the price of even the cheapest "starter" kits at most brew shops. The thing that I like about it versus other systems is that it makes a smaller amount, takes up less space, and Mr. Beer, as a company, is really dedicated to making homebrewing simple and fun. I have emailed them with various questions and comments, and their service has been impeccable. They have some great recipes and products available, all scaled down to a more manageable size in my opinion. I think the system itself is acceptable quality. The keg is sturdy enough, dark colored to protect against UV, and the spicket works well. The venting system at first seemed to be a little on the cheap side (airlock would probably be better, particularly in judging when fermentation is complete-earlier models had them), but I have had no problems with beer spoilage. Mr. Beer is a great place to start (and stay) if you are looking to start brewing your own beer as a hobby and not spend hours cleaning equipment, preparing mashes/worts to precise temperatures, and spending an hour bottling 5 gallons worth of beer every three weeks.

  • John - Sole F80 wins!

    I used a lot of the Amazon reviews to buy my treadmill and I have to say that I'm not disappointed and got exactly what I was looking for. I'm a runner and train all year round for half and full marathons, usually about 35 miles a week. I have run very little on treadmills most recently but was looking to get some relief from the winter snow.

  • Michelle C - This set had just what I needed without having to order additional parts

    I've been looking for a good wall mount for the house, and was happy to see this wall mount kit had everything I need to get the job done (minus the tools). The mount is of very solid construction and is not cheaply built. There was some assembly required when it arrived, as the rectangular frame you mount to the wall arrives in 4 pieces. I'll be installing this in just over a week and I'll update my review once I've had a chance to see it in action. Other kits I looked at did not have the TV mounting bars, so it was great that this set had just what I needed without having to order additional parts. My favorite feature was the addition of a HDMI cable in the box, which in my opinion really increases the value of this kit.

  • David Fitz - Yesssss!!! I love it

    I recently started using a make up primer for a matte finish and it clogs pores so bad. I started looking for acne products and cleansers. I was worried about a lot of products because they claim to work and had a lot of bad reviews. I ended up taking a chance on this because I saw all the good reviews and all of the awesome photo results. I was breaking out really bad from clogged pores so I used this product on my face at night. I left it on for a couple hours just because I wanted it to dry completely and I did it the lazy way. I woke up with all of my zits shrunken and all of the swelling was gone. This is a must

  • Jvette - Nice Treadmill

    This is a replacement treadmill for one I have had for 9 years. I walk about 3 miles per day and needed a good sturdy treadmill. I looked at many brands before deciding on this one. First like everyone else has said on here, This THING IS HEAVY. It took myself and my 20 year old son to get it in the house and it wasn't easy. Once we got it to the place we wanted to set it up and opened the box all the parts were there nicely wrapped in plastic. I opened the instructions and they weren't very helpful so I went to the web site and looked at them on there. You could see the drawings much better and tell where everything went. I'm pretty good at putting things together but this was a challenge at times. I agree with others that some of the bolt holes didn't line up real well and you had to work with them. One of the plastic pieces didn't fit very well but that was about it. The wires that have to be hooked up need to be routed for you in a better way. You can pinch them real easy and have a problem. Just be careful and take your time. It took us about an hour to put it together.

  • Amazon Customer - I expected the upgrade to pick up routes that have ...

    I expected the upgrade to pick up routes that have improvements since 2010 but so far I haven't seen any difference between thus upgrade and my 2010 version. I'd be interested to know where the improvements are

  • Amazon Customer - When you supplement your diet with these nutrients you are better able to follow diets for weight lose

    Proper nutrients impact your energy level, mood and mental abilities. When you supplement your diet with these nutrients you are better able to follow diets for weight lose, bodybuilding and physical endurance. I mix it with my smoothies and I feel great.