Treating Autism UK biomedical treatments for Autism Aspergers ASD - UK charity for people with autism, ASD, Asperger\'s, attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder, add/adhd, focusing on available treatments for problems

  • Treating Autism largest UK membership organisation focusing on treatments for autism | Treating Autism - Treating Autism is a UK charity membership organisation providing help services information relating to autism treatments, supporting parents and individuals
  • Our mission and values | Treating Autism - Our Aims Treating Autism aims to provide support and information to persons affected by ASD, their family members and professionals. Our charity works to
  • What we do | Treating Autism - Treating Autism, a charity run entirely by parents, provides information and support to families and individuals affected by autism with the aim of improving
  • Why join us | Treating Autism - Treating Autism is a membership society, run on a voluntary basis by parents of children with autism. Although non-members can access to most of the services
  • Treating Autism Researchers and Clinicians Network | Treating Autism - Treating Autism Researchers and Clinicians Network (TARC) Our aims are: To strengthen the links between Treating Autism and the research community
  • Our Approach | Treating Autism - Treating Autism - Why? Research has shown that people with autism can suffer from various biological problems which are not always visible on the surface or
  • Beginner's Guide to autism treatments, therapies, interventions. No cure for autism but treatments leading to recovery | Treating Autism - Beginner's Guide to biomedical treatments for autism and related health comorbid medical problems causing symptoms of autism and challenging behaviours
  • Parents' stories autism diagnosis - no cure but hope recovery | Treating Autism - Treating autism stories of hope parents treatments, therapies. Educational, biomedical interventions: reducing autistic behaviours and symptoms by changing diet
  • International Autism Conference 2014 | Treating Autism - International Autism Conference Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th November, 2014 Brunel University, Uxbridge Our two day conference, aimed at both professionals
  • Resources | Treating Autism - Please find access to a selection of the documents that we at Treating Autism have found particularly valuable. This section will expand so do make sure you
  • Diet, Nutrition & Gut | Treating Autism - There are a number of diets or dietary interventions that, according to numerous anecdotal reports, can be helpful for ASD children. Often, these diets restrict
  • Treatments and supplements for autism ASD | Treating Autism - Treatments and therapies for autism guide for parents. Overview of interventions based on science, research, clinical practice, parental professional reports
  • Advocacy, Education & Services | Treating Autism - NEW report: Health and service provision for people with Autism Parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) face severe challenges in accessing
  • Therapies & Home Programmes | Treating Autism - "Treatments and therapies for autism - Treating Autism guide for parents" This booklet has been produced in order to provide parents and carers with an
  • Research & Science: Medical Issues in ASD | Treating Autism - Medical comorbidities in autism spectrum disorders. Difficult challenging behaviours in ASD surface symptoms of medical disorders not mental health behavioural.
  • General | Treating Autism -   Parent presentations from both days of our November 2014 conference are available to watch: Sara Moroza-James: Tom's Story Biomed and Intensive
  • Support | Treating Autism - Treating Autism support, information, guidance and practical help We aim to provide support, practical help and guidance for families affected by autism in
  • Links | Treating Autism - The following list is for general information purposes only. Treating Autism does not endorse any of the organisations, therapies or products listed below
  • Membership Signup | Treating Autism - Treating Autism Membership Benefits - become a member If you or your child is affected by autism and you are making, or interested in making, dietary and
  • Treating Autism Manchester Roadshow 2nd December 2016 | Treating Autism - Friday, 2nd December 2016 – Central Manchester Nutrition for Autism: improving health and well-being of children on the autistic spectrum with diet and natural
  • SELF-HARMING in autism due to PAIN and INFLAMMATION | Treating Autism - "... at least a subgroup of individuals with severe and persistent self-injury may be in a physiological state similar to neuropathic pain or hyperalgesia

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