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  • Melissa - Pretty good watch for the $$$$$$

    It's hard to for me to pay a minimum of $260 for an Apple Watch. I thought I'd give this one a try. So far no problems whatsoever. Even if I only get 6 months out of it I would still be happy and buy another. With my job, I was afraid I may hit the face of the Watch doing things at work and I would be mad to scratch or break the screen. Hope this helps. It's heavily built not the cheap material you'd expect. Hope this helps. It also come with a screen protector on it plus an extra one. Speaker works good to talk on as long as you're not in a lot of noisy area. Take care of it and hopefully it'll last along time.

  • Tim O'Donnell - I think it feels great. The strum bar didn't change much

    The frets are really soft, but not clicky. I think it feels great. The strum bar didn't change much, but for some reason it feels a lot better for bass in my opinion. Well, it did...

  • RexRed - Worth trying, seems to have worked. (Use with extreme caution)

    I am still wondering about the effectiveness of this product. The squirt handle, if you set it down will start siphoning out all over the place. I ended up with it everywhere and it even squirted all over my arm. I have had headaches for a few weeks. This is also due to the fact that I put it all over my apartment and we have had the worst humidity spell in years. So it has latched on to the humidity and caused a vapor that is undetectable because it is odorless. I recommend only doing near the entrances to your place, under the stove, behind the refrig. behind heating registers and if it is humid out to be very extremely sparing. I only used about a quarter of the bottle too.

  • LULA - Excellent book

    This book was a great book for my child .It has all the sight words that she is being taught at school.

  • Robert F. - not to shabby

    I bought this product about a month ago. So far it has been a really good addition to the bike. Installation was very easy and all of the parts seem to be of good quality. The only two complaints that I have is the length of the wire harness and I wish the smoke tint was darker than it is.

  • Horsey - Batteries haven't died yet and it has never malfunctioned!!

    I have had this product for over a year now. At first I was concerned about battery life and quality of the product. I decided to make the purchase because of the positive reviews. The original batteries have lasted for over a year and the product has never malfunctioned. The automatic opening motion activated lid is great when you have dirty trash in your hands and there is an also option to lock the lid open if needed while cooking. The product has never malfunctioned and is very convenient when cooking. You can buy trash cans that are manually operated by foot but in my experience don't last very long.

  • Jeffery Murphy - I really like the way the earbuds fit my ears.

    It is hard to believe how far Bluetooth headphones have come in such a short period of time. The price point on this technology is incredibly low. I have purchased several Bluetooth headphones over the past couple of years, but these angling headphones destroy all previous models. I really like the way the earbuds fit my ears. They are comfortable and are angled to fit with the configuration of the inside of the ear, not just straight. I have no problem with the earbuds staying in my ears while running on my treadmill. would be, which is a good thing. The sound quality is good but it lacks a bit of bass. I'm not a bass heavy person, so this isn't an issue to me. The battery life is excellent. Great product exceeded my expectations.