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  • Cassie Small - Lose some water weight!

    If you stick to this, you will lose 8-10 pounds in 2 days! I have done this several times over the past few years! Stick to the directions and make sure you add the right amounts of water to the concentrated liquid!

  • Michele - Recently Purchased and so far, so good...

    I am a single mother of an almost 3 year old boy. He has speech issues and has been in speech therapy since he was about two years old. We (myself and him) have learned some ASL (American Sign Language) techniques that have "defused" some of his negative behavior. As I and his therapist suspected, a lot of negative behavior has steamed from his lack of ability to communicate his needs as he got older.

  • I. Castro - No more weight loss products for me!

    I took the pills as directed, but I felt hungry all the time. I watched what I ate and how much, but it made me hungry and so I would eat or munch on snacks. And yes, my urine was also bright yellow too! I've decided never to try another weight loss product again!!!!! None of those products work-you gain weight instead of lose weight!!!!!

  • Brahmin - A bit disappointed because Bosley is suppose to be in the hair ...

    Well, sadly I expected a lot from this product. Chucks of hair gets all matted and falls off. A bit disappointed because Bosley is suppose to be in the hair business for thinning hair.

  • Bill - Great buy

    Of course I am a Pens fan and I loved it. The extras are good too. I do wish it had a brief recap of the other playoff series.

  • tammypooh - Awesome!!!! Love! Love! Love!

    I loved this book and can't wait for the next book in the series. Even though the book is listed as a YA book I feel it could be read and enjoyed by an adult. There was no sex in it but the supes are very sexual beings. Can't wait for book two in the series.