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  • About us | VITILITY - Vitility supplies products make everyday life easier and more pleasant. The products are developed so activities can be performed simply and independently.
  • Bath and Shower | VITILITY - bath and shower, products, get a fresh start of the day, Vitility makes your life easier also in your bathroom.
  • Dressing and undressing | VITILITY - Dressing, Undressing, Bent, Stoop, Buttonhook, Elderly, Senior, Zipper, Shoes, Shoehorn, Shoelaces, Socks, Metal stocking aid,
  • Bedroom | VITILITY - Bedropeladder, Senior, Elderly, Getting in and out of the bed, Bedroom, Bed, Bed support, extra support, less mobile, bed solution
  • Toilet aids | VITILITY - Toilet aids, Toilet chair, Urinals and accessories, Toilet raisers, Elderly, Seniors, Stability, Vitility, Cleaning, Bedpan, Toilet Seats, Seats, Chair
  • Eating and drinking | VITILITY - Food and Drinks, dining, helping aids kitchen, to prepare food more easy, cutlery, chopping bord, slicing aid, vegetable brush, Senior, Elderly, cups
  • Kitchen | VITILITY - Kitchen, food and drinks, dining, helping aids, make life easier, cutlery, cups, enjoy preparing and eating food, slicer,
  • Kitchen aids | VITILITY - This kitchen aid has an angled grip so minimum effort is needed to get the job done.
  • Furniture raisers | VITILITY - Furniture raisers, Vitility makes your life easier, designed to raise furniture or a bed so that getting in and out of bed gets easier
  • Turning aids | VITILITY - Turning Aids, Vitility products make your life easier, knob turner, key turner, especially designed for people with limited hand function
  • Writing | VITILITY - Writing, Vitility products make your life easier, ring pen, rheumatic pen, pen thickener, pen grip triangular, foamgrips, ball grip
  • Reading | VITILITY - Reading, Vitility makes your life easier, products, magnifier, bookstand, magnifier pocket, mangnifier angular, magnifying ruler
  • Hobby | VITILITY - Hobby, Vitility, makes your life easier, leisure products, automatic scissors, easy-needle, playing cards holder, playing cards, senior, elderly, handcrafts
  • Gardening | VITILITY - Gardening, Vitility makes your life easier, products, arm support, cultivator ergonomic, garden fork, garden hoe, garden seat, garden trowel
  • Mobility Aids | VITILITY - Mobility aids, Vitility makes your life easier, go wherever you want to go, walking cane, walker, walking frame, mobile support, assistence
  • Lifting and Transfering | VITILITY - Lifting and Transfering, Vitility products, support, walking frame, transfer bord, mobile support, ramp roll up, turn table, reacher
  • Car aids | VITILITY - Car aids, Vitility, make your life easier, car aids, car caddie, headrest bar, seat belt grip, turn cushion, go wherever you want to go
  • Sitting aids | VITILITY - Sitting aids, Vitility, Elderly, Seniors, haemorrhoids, Wheelchair, Wheelchair cushion, Turn cushion, Positioning cushion, Cushion, Pillow, Anal pain
  • Fitness and handtherapy | VITILITY - Fitness and handtherapy, Vitility makes your life easier, health, regain strength, elbow heel protector, hand therapy, massage ring, pedal exerciser
  • Bandages | VITILITY - Bandages, Vitility products, we make your life easier, arm sling wrist, bandage wrap, cervical collar, arm, knee, wrist, elbow, helping aids, support
  • Medication accessories | VITILITY - Medication accessories, Vitility makes your life easier,smart pill box, medical cooling bags, pill box, pill organiser week, pill crusher, pill splitter
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  • Exercise gets even better due to the Optimistick | VITILITY - Vitility joined forces with innovation company Springlab to develop an interactive walking cane called Optimistick to get elderly people to exercise more. 
  • New week, new developments | VITILITY - This week is an especially nice week for Vitility. And that week may be even more beautiful. Thursday, September 29 is the day of the innovation. On tha...

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  • HighExpectations - Dog Loves It; Dog Has No Fashion Sense

    If this worked on people the way it does my dog I have no doubt it would be illegal in every state, and only available for purchase in dark alleys at night … 


    These did not work for me, but would have if I had had a bladder infection instead of PBS (PAINFUL BLADDER SYNDROME), it took about 3 months

  • Eric - this set was a fantastic way to get back into the game

    After being out of the loop for Magic, this set was a fantastic way to get back into the game. It came with enough cards for several decks of different play styles. Anybody who's interested in starting to make their own decks should pick up an annual core set at some point.