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  • Mary - Good, Comprehensive Math Textboooks

    As a math tutor, I bought this text book to go with the Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 text books of the same series (and same authors). This series of books is somewhat dated, as compared to the current high school curriculum, but it's very comprehensive.

  • Shebli - A great book for a father of three

    My three books love this book! I like it because they call me their superhero after reading this book! I highly recommend this book to anyone with little boys!

  • Mr Roberts - These aren't all that great - see review for recommended brand

    These are ok at best. When I ran out of my Sunkist Cranberry pills (link below) I thought I would try these as they are labeled as "Doctor Recommended" but was disappointed. These dont work nearly as the Sunkist ones I have been taking. I noticed a painful decrease in UT health once I started taking these after several days. I take Cranberry Pills to help prevent kidney stones. These just dont cut it! I highly recommend taking the Sunkist ones linked below! I decided to go back to the Sunkist pills and my UT health quickly increased.

  • L. Martinez - We like it.

    We like this game, although it's not our favorite of the Just Dance Series. It has a lot of current songs which we really like. It does have some very weird dance configurations though, wanting you to jump over your dance partner and flip over each other's backs and stuff like that. So it takes it from just dancing to various moves, to basically doing stunts. lol My kids thought it was kind of fun, but also weird. All in all this is still a pretty good dance game, just not the best so far.

  • MCMandy3299 - So far so good. I haven't really seen any growth yet but ...

    So far so good. I haven't really seen any growth yet but I do like how it helps keep my brows in line and keeps the tinted product I use last longer and stay in place. Crossing my fingers I'll have some growth in the next couple weeks! =) I would recommend this product over pricier ones. *I did receive this product in exchange for my HONEST and UNBIASED review*