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  • akreporter - Great for muscle aches, but the jury's still out on the cellulite

    I've been using this for a little over 2 weeks on my legs for cellulite. I haven't seen much difference with the cellulite, but I also started working out again and have been sore in my lower back, knees and shins. So I tried it out to see if it would help with the soreness and it did! It works very similarly to icy hot. It starts out very cold and then gradually warms to almost a burning, (but not quite) heat. I would say for about the first 5-10 min it is cool and then it gets hot for about 20 min and gradually fades away. It does have a pretty strong menthol similar to Vicks Vapo Rub. What is crazy is that my legs will feel so hot but still be cool to the touch. I'm not sure how that works but it is actually pretty relaxing once it warms up. I typically just put in on at night before bed because of the smell and sensation. It is more of a gel than a cream and a little goes a long way. I like that I don't have to use a whole bunch of it like with some other products. I have used this every day for about the last 17 days on several large parts of my (larger) body and it's still more than 2/3 full. I did notice that the sensation was strongest the first couple of times and then after that it seemed to be less intense. Also it seems like when I put it on wet skin, the feeling is more intense than when I put it on dry skin. I like that it is made of mostly all natural products like essential oils. Like I said, I have not noticed any difference yet in the cellulite, but I have definitely seen results for muscle pain, so for that I am giving it 4 stars. If I do see more improvements in the cellulite as I continue to use this I will update this review.

  • Tammy Evans - Seems to help a good bit for 2 hours using a small sample size sample packet

    I received a free sample of this to try from Pinchme. I had some difficulty opening the sample packet but that wouldn't be a issue with a full size tube of it. My son applied it to my shoulder joint, shoulder blade & upper arm near the shoulder joint. I havea lot of pain from bursitis in this shoulder. It does have a very mild smell that isn't bad but not like citrus to me as other reviewers have posted. It took about 15 minutes & started to relieving the pain. It seemed to take away a good bit of pain in my shoulder for about 2 hours. Slowly, the pain has returned. Maybe it is because of the small size of the sample (although it did spread to cover the area) that it didn't help as much as others have reported. I have a high pain tolerance level but it also takes something pretty strong to help my pain. I have been using a combination of a generic aspercreme & generic gel muscle run mixed to help the pain. This Livrelief seems to help much better but it just didn't last long. I plan to purchase a full size tube & try it again using a proper size amount. I only received 1 sample packet where some people said they received 2. It has a money back guarantee so if it doesn't help a lot I won't be loosing anything.

  • Brian B - Buy used.

    Bought it used and it was brand spanking new. Dont hesitate to try out the used section with prime service because you could return it if not acceptable however, mine was NEW...sweet deal better than discount from icc.

  • Antonieta - Sleepy time

    Great flavor, well packed. Arrived very fast, love these products. Lots of tea... To enjoy, not only in the evening but during the day when I am stressed out. I recommend it.

  • Jason Latona - This shampoo will make you hate all others.

    I used to argue with people all the time, especially cosmetologist friends of mine. I'd say, "All shampoos are the same. They are soap. Soap is soap." Then I'd insist that the .99 cent Suave shampoo at the local Wally Mart was the same as Matrix, Paul Mitchell, Bed Head and the sort.

  • Jennifer - Good product!

    Used off and on whenever I'd feel my supply drop. This would help bring it back up and some very quickly to help my fridge stash. I did have to do the 2 pills 3x per day, but it wasn't bad. Does have a slight syrupy burp, but nothing compared to the nasty mothers milk tea. I do recommend this product.

  • Buttnugget - Alimentum

    This formula was a life saver for us! It is ridiculously expensive and I wish there was a generic form, but it is worth it. I exclusively breastfed my son for the first 5 weeks and it was a miserable experience. I say that because he would feed and then be so fussy. He was extremely gassy, had horrible bowel movements and just cried constantly. Well I found out that he was allergic to dairy. He was getting dairy through my breast milk. I was torn as to whether I wanted to cut dairy from my diet or start him on a hypoallergenic formula. Well I decided on this formula. As heart broken as I was to stop breastfeeding, ultimately it was the best decision for us. My son is such a happy baby now. This formula is great stuff. I noticed a difference from the first bottle, with full results within two weeks. One thing that no one mentioned was how bad this stuff smells. It is horrible, it makes my son's breath terrible and when it gets on his clothes I have to change him right away. My son still spits up quite a bit, but it doesn't bother him, it just smells terrible. So just be aware of that.