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Westcoast Integrative Health | North Vancouver Naturopathic Clinic - Westcoast Integrative health provides person centered primary and preventative family medicine through natural treatments and recommended lifestyle changes.

  • http://westcoastintegrativehealth.com/index.php/sibo/ SIBO - Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth - Westcoast Integrative Health - Visit Westcoast Integrative Health for onsite SIBO testing in Canada. Our functional medicine doctor can provide a very fast diagnosis and treatment.
  • http://westcoastintegrativehealth.com/index.php/treatment-options/allergy-testing/ Allergy Testing - Westcoast Integrative Health - We provide allergy testing, and natural solutions for allergies and food sensitivities and through specialized testing have successfully treated allergies.
  • http://westcoastintegrativehealth.com/index.php/marshall-protocol/ The Marshall Protocol - Westcoast Integrative Health - The Marshall Protocol offers a very effective treatment approach to people suffering from chronic disease. Using a functional medicine approach is critical.
  • http://westcoastintegrativehealth.com/index.php/gastrointestinal/ Gastrointestinal Health - Westcoast Integrative Health - Key lifestyle & diet changes to protect your gastrointestinal health – the key to protecting your overall health, as it houses most of your immune system.
  • http://westcoastintegrativehealth.com/index.php/mental-health/ Mental Health - Westcoast Integrative Health - Visit Dr Brian Davies, North Vancouver naturopath for a functional medicine approach to all mental health conditions, including depression, anxiety, bipolar
  • http://westcoastintegrativehealth.com/index.php/hormonal-health-concerns/ Hormonal Health Concerns - Westcoast Integrative Health - Hormonal health concerns affect our mood, energy, sex drive, metabolism and all other bodily functions. Learn more from our North Vancouver clinic.
  • http://westcoastintegrativehealth.com/index.php/neurological-mental-health/ Neurological Health Conditions - Westcoast Integrative Health - We provide evidence-based medical support for those suffering from neurological health conditions at our North Vancouver clinic.
  • http://westcoastintegrativehealth.com/index.php/lyme-disease Lyme Disease - Westcoast Integrative Health - Lyme disease is a serious infectious disease with a variety of symptoms that can affect all organ systems in the body. Learn more about testing and symptoms
  • http://westcoastintegrativehealth.com/index.php/weight-loss-program/ Weight Loss Program - Westcoast Integrative Health - Visit our Naturopathic weight loss guru, Dr Brian Davies to start your clinically supervised weight loss program today.
  • http://westcoastintegrativehealth.com/index.php/contact-us/ Contact Us - Naturopath North Vancouver - Contact Us - Westcoast Integrative Health is a premier functional medicine practice in North Vancouver. Our North Vancouver Naturopath is the best!
  • http://westcoastintegrativehealth.com/index.php/gaps-diet/ The GAPS Diet - Westcoast Integrative Health - Visit our North Vancouver Naturopathic Doctor for functional medical support through the GAPS diet.
  • http://westcoastintegrativehealth.com/index.php/blogs-and-media/ Blogs and Media - Westcoast Integrative Health - Our North Vancouver clinic aims to be a community service space with detailed answers to common health questions, personal stories and more.
  • http://westcoastintegrativehealth.com/index.php/digestion_assessment/ Free Digestive Health Assessment - Westcoast Integrative Health - Fill in our Vancouver naturopathic clinic's Digestive Health Assessment form and your free assessment and lifestyle suggestions will be sent within 48 hours
  • http://westcoastintegrativehealth.com/index.php/coming-closures/ Up Coming Closures - Westcoast Integrative Health - Important dates of up coming closures at our North Vancouver naturopathic clinic.
  • http://westcoastintegrativehealth.com/index.php/functional-medicine-challenge/ A Functional Medicine Challenge - Westcoast Integrative Health - Visit our functional medicine based naturopathic physician in North Vancouver for a functional medicine challenge.
  • http://westcoastintegrativehealth.com/index.php/biotypes-add-walsh/ Biotypes of ADD - Walsh - Westcoast Integrative Health - Visit our functional medicine expert for advanced testing options for people battling attention disorders, including ADD and ADHD.

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  • Kauai 411 - pretty much awesome

    I used it once and already know I will be using it much much more. Pocket holes are super nice, strong and professional looking. Before this I would often use say a dovetail or rabet joint. This is so much easier and strong too. For a really nice joint I like to use this in conjunction with my bisquit joiner.

  • Jason M Stevenson - Great Monitor. But not bezel-less. 1/4 inch of black mask inside the edge.

    Great Monitor. But not bezel-less. 1/4 inch of black mask inside the edge. The glass does go all the way to the edge, but by the time you account for the 1/4 inch masking and 3 monitors side to side, you still end up with a black bar 1/2 inch in width. Which isn't really any better than a standard bezel tucked behind eachother.

  • Charles W. Turner - Watkins

    Works wonders for my arthritic shoulders! I've used this product for over sixty years. You can't get a better endorsement than that!