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  • Raffaella - BEWARE: FAKE RAYBANS

    So I got these item today, to realize they are fake. Could barely put them on me, good thing I had similar ones and could see the difference right away. Don't buy from this seller, they do have many things that makes them look real, but the color, the feeling, is completely different! Please before using them go to a store and let them confirm to you they are real. What a disappointment.

  • Omnistalgic - Back to Basics

    Well for Sony's latest iteration of Playstation, seems they've decided to go back to the PS2 form factor of sleek jet-black and blue LED light. Very sleek looking console all around and not as big as you might imagine. Although a top-shelf PC outclasses it, PS4 is the most powerful gaming console on the market, and as we get closer to realism in our gaming graphics, I think the decision to use PC architecture and not use expensive parts (like PS3) did will pay off for Sony.


    I have tested out this selfie ring light, because I am always searching for anything to make my selfies stand out and look amazing on social media at all times! This particular brand is extremely easy to use, so even without directions there shouldn't be any reason why anyone would have a problem using it. All that you have to do is put 2 AAA batteries in the back of it, clip it onto your phone or tablet and click the button at the top one time for a dimmer light, twice for a medium light and three times for a full light. It seemed to do a decent job, but for my selfies I didn't think the light was bright enough for me. It gave good selfies, but it was still a little on the darker side, even with 3 different settings I just couldn't seem to get a bright enough light. It would be a nice selfie light to have if you have medium to full light in your home, but my home seems to always be pretty dark other than a few hours during the day when the sun comes in a few windows. This is a really easy light to use and descent quality too!

  • Amazon Customer - One small suggestion

    I really like these mats (both front and rear). I have a suggestion though. The drivers side liner needs to reach up a little further on the left side where the driver would place their left foot. It only reaches about half way up the factory carpet plastic part where the left foot comes to rest on the floorboard area.

  • Phoenix's Mom - Good product

    I like many new mothers tried to breastfeed in the beginning and just couldn't produce enough for my son to keep content and happy. I decided to supplement and started with Similac advance I was not a fan my son was very constipated and seemed to be very fussy because of it. We switched to the Enfamil Newborn happy about the added vitamin D aspect. My son is now 2 months only and purely formula fed, he is doing great! Has regular movements and sleeps very well at night. When he is four months we will definitely continue with the Enfamil Infant or possibly the Enfamil gentle ease for his sensitive digestive system. The only complaint I have is that Enfamil does not sell the Newborn in the value pack. It's kind of a pain to continue buying the tubs, but well worth it for my little guys happiness!

  • poochie311 - Best Tattoo Aftercare Product

    this is 100% my favorite tattoo aftercare product. i use it immediately after my tattoo all the way through until its fully healed. i like the non greasy way it drys while still leaving my skin and new tattoo feeling moisturized and refreshed. i also really love hustle butter as a tattoo after care and daily use moisturizer. the hustle butter does however have a slight greasy feel to it.