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  • C. Jude - ... have all of the albums that contributed to this best of effort

    Although I have all of the albums that contributed to this best of effort, this is truly a best of--and not meerly a greatest hits album. Nothing new, but every song is raised to a new level thanks to the quality of all the great songs around it. Plus i can now make room for the new album on my iPod. well worth it even if you do own the originals.

  • Rw Scolari - Great CG Movie

    John Cusiak again proves that he can handle a major roll and an action movie. This movie has great special effects. Woody Harrilson provides a comic relief. In all the special effects, mostly CG, are the real stars. Good movie.

  • John Mathews - A GREAT book for the investor.

    I have owned several editions of this book over the years and have given copies to family members. If you want to understand how the stock market works, this book is a great place to start. I find myself going back to it often for easy to understand explanations about stock terms.

  • Jeremy Nunez - Best knife I've ever owned.

    The perfect size for a more stealthy approach to things. Love the tanto style, for those that walk the path of the shinobi. Primarily bought this because of Splinter Cell, still a great survival tool.

  • liv4scuba - Awful!

    I should of read the reviews before purchasing this. I bought some quite pricey outdoor chair cushions thinking that if I put this on them it would keep them nice and they would last longer. I WAS WRONG! They were ruined after I put this on them. They are so sticky that we can't even sit on them. After a couple days I decided I would get a water hose and see if I could the sticky off. Water was not even repelled in most places, and this was after 3 coats! So now I'm out a lot of money (hundreds) and no cushions for our outdoor patio set. I read on some reviews that soap will take this stuff off, I'm going to try that. This product is crap!

  • James D'Aries - Perfect Way To Add To Your Skills

    If you think you know how to use Excel than you're exactly the person that needs this training video. I use Excel at work for Construction Estimating. I thought a had a handle on all the features - I wasn't even close. Trust me, buy the Training Video. You'll be happy that you did.

  • Sha Sykes - Water!!!!!!!

    Oh My Lord.... IT WORKS. Drink a lot of WATER before you take this product so that the process goes smoothly. PLEASE BE AT HOME WHEN THIS PRODUCT STARTS WORKING. PLEASEEEEEEE!