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  • Emily - Good product!

    Since I have some acnes on my chin and neck I bought this product. Frankly I am not really sure how effective this is even though my acne situation is getting much better now..... cuz I am also using Vichy products (toner and lotion), AVENE. I also go to bed very early everyday..... I eat very healthily..... more vegetable and fruit...... drink more water...... All I want to say is, if you really want to make your acnes go away you gotta pay attention to your lifestyle. Make-up can not make it all gone......

  • Kimberly Curvin - Good results so far!!

    I have only used for a few weeks but I can tell the difference in the health of my hair. I have not noticed any growth yet. So far so good for this product and I will continue to use and hoping for great results.

  • SMOKER305 - This really works great! I am in my 50's

    This really works great! I am in my 50's, male, and overweight by 10-15 pounds. I used this stuff three (3) times and passed EVERY time. This is my procedure. I am a pretty heavy weed smoker (usually 3 to 4 joints daily), and I went cold turkey for four (4) days before my urine test. I am also a regular beer drinker, which naturally flushes my system on a regular basis, how much that helps, I am not sure.

  • Ingrid - GREAT Natural Coverage & for Evening-Out Skin Tone

    My daughter convinced me to buy this product, and I'm so glad that I did! When it first arrived, I wasn't particularly impressed by looking at it - the container is small, it's not cheap, and most importantly, the cream itself looked thin. My daughter and I both have hyperpigmentation, so we're always looking for products that give us great coverage, without looking like we have tons of makeup on. A little of this goes a long way and even though it feels and looks very natural, it evens out skin tone and provides excellent coverage. I have a few very dark spots, so those areas need some extra coverage but overall, the rest of my face looks pretty darn good. I even splurged and bought the recommended brush that goes along with it (the IT dual brush) and it works really well. Super soft brush (Amazon was by far the cheapest place to buy it) that spreads the cream evenly. If you're like us and have tried tons of different coverage products, I think that you will be very happy with this one. My daughter even says that it has improved the condition of her skin (less breakouts, etc) but I have not used it long enough to determine that one way or another.