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  • Nightmare king - not only do they love learning about animals

    Zoobooks was just what my kids needed. not only do they love learning about animals, they are always excited to get the mail. sure they could learn online...but anyone who appreciates a good printed work of material would be happy with these.

  • Lisa - Cleans your face well!

    I ordered the Radha Organic Facial Cleanser to for nightly beauty routine. The cleaner comes in in a green bottle with a pump to release the perfect amount of cleaner needed to wash your face. One squirt is all that is needed. The cleaner is a light brown color with and earthy scent with a touch of citrus smell added it seems to me. This product works well with removing all my makeup and the dirt that accumulates on my face during the day. The cleaner is gentle and non-irritating. I also have my son who has acne using it and he has noticed a cleaning in his face, which has lifted his confidence levels. He also tells me that his face is feeling smoother and the girls like that. From his standpoint this is a bonus. I would recommend this product for teens and adults, male or female.

  • Mags - I say the same thing. You can't review a ...

    I say the same thing. You can't review a book if you haven't read it and the link is wrong. I don't even get on Amazon to leave reviews but people can't do that and punish an author. I guess no one has ever had a mistake!

  • A. Driscoll - I LOVE ZEAL!

    I am so glad someone showed this to me! Zeal is AMAZING. I love that I can buy it off Amazon whenever I need it. It gives me energy and my overall health has improved! I am super happy with it.

  • Michael R. - Best Blender I've Ever Used

    My wife has been pureeing food to make baby food at home and our old Cuisinart blender couldn't handle it. We decided to spend a little money on a decent blender and after going through some reviews we ended up with the Ninja 660. We absolutely love it.

  • D. Krepak - No additional licenses required

    I've used McAfee products for years including virus scan, security suite and total protection. All Access Individual is the same as Total Protection but you can install it on all the devices you own. You don't need additional licenses so in the long run this is cheaper if you have more than 3 devices. I have a small business and have 3 computers at the office in addition to a desktop and laptop at home. If you have other devices such as tablets or smartphones you can install it on those as well. This is the only advantage I see in this program compared to years past but for me it is a big one.

  • Jessica Lang - The makeup is not great. I looked in the mirror after I cried ...

    The makeup is not great. I looked in the mirror after I cried and it was literally streaming down my face. I never use my Dinair system bc it is such a pain to take out, use and clean every time. I would like to try mac makeup in my machine and see how that works. Their makeup is pretty terrible.