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Action PR - London's Health & Fitness PR Specialist - Action PR is the only specialist fitness pr agency with a central London base, with our office in Shoreditch.

  • http://www.actionpr.co.uk/about-us/ About Us - London's Specialist Health and Fitness PR Agency - We’re a specialist health and fitness PR agency working in partnership with our clients to create dynamic campaigns in print and digital media.
  • http://www.actionpr.co.uk/marketing/ Marketing - London's Specialist Health and Fitness PR Agency - We’ve been providing a full gambit of marketing services for our health and fitness clients for more than five years. Our London-based marketing team provide Fitness Marketing, Graphic Design, Web Design, Email Marketing, Copywriting, Promotional Activity, Social amplification and digital influencer engagement
  • http://www.actionpr.co.uk/stylist-live/ Action PR Visits Stylist Live: Our Highlights - Action PR Limited - With three members of the Action PR team visiting Stylist Live (Business Design Centre, London), we certainly managed to explore the whole show.

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  • Michael J. Muscato - Great price, great product.....so far

    Full disclosure, I did not buy the E35 from Amazon but instead ordered direct from Sole. Same price and they also offer free shipping. After reading the horror story from an earlier reviewer in which Sole bounced him back to Amazon when seeking to return the product I figured it would be better to deal only with the manufacturer and cut out the middle man in case there were issues.

  • Tara - This stuff is amazing! Me and my kids have long

    This stuff is amazing! Me and my kids have long, thick, curly hair and a little goes a long way with this. I personally condition my hair daily, my hair is curly and to my behind and typically one of these lasts me a month, and I use a palm-full because who can really use a dime-sized amount? I've used this and the blue one from this brand but I liked this better and have been using it consistently for about 6 months now. I highly recommend this product for those who have dry/frizzy hair.

  • Puzzler - Shooting fish in a barrel

    Got this for Chrisman because I was once an avid hunter. Hunting takes a massive amount of time. Its not something you do just on a weekend, it occupies you for a full season. I don't have time for it now, but hope to return to hunting in the future.

  • Ravenwoman - Won't buy it again.

    I have used AVG for several years and never had a problem with it - until now. It did nothing but give me problems with the installation and when I contacted customer service about the problems (plural as there were several) I was told that I needed to upgrade to the next level and they could do that for me right then - for an additional amount of money! OK, did that. And STILL had the problems. Called them back again and was told that they could fix any problem with the program through remote control. This was after sitting and waiting for responses for over 30 minutes. Of course, there was an additional fee. It kept coming up that I had the wrong key code and yet the one I had is the permanent one they gave me after I registered the product. I spent over 6 hours with customer service to receive no help at all. The only ones helped was AVG - to the tune of over an additional $50.00! I will NEVER again purchase AVG. I ordered Norton Premier and had it installed in less than 30 minutes with NO extra cost. My advice: Buy Norton before you waste time, frustration and extra money on AVG. I will never buy AVG again. As for the PC Tuneup - it never would install and therefore wouldn't work at all. More time and frustration. Not worth it.