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Active One Group - Active One Group is a group of health professionals consulting in many different areas across suburbs to the south and east of Melbourne.

  • http://www.activeonegroup.com/about-active-one-group/ About Active One Group - About Active One Group: A health professionals consulting in many different areas across suburbs to the south and east of Melbourne
  • http://www.activeonegroup.com/exercise/ Exercise - Our aim is to provide you with the knowledge and on-going support you need to improve your health. Check out our Exercise Programs
  • http://www.activeonegroup.com/life-workshop/ Life!Workshop - This healthy life! workshop is for people 18+ and who are at risk of developing type 2 diabetes
  • http://www.activeonegroup.com/tip-week/ Tip of the week - Tell your dentist you have diabetes and ask him or her to show you how to keep your teeth and gums healthy.
  • http://www.activeonegroup.com/new-services-offer/ OT Driver Assessment and Rehabilitation Services - Active One Occupational Therapy provides OT Driver Assessment and Rehabilitation Services

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  • Denise Ballard - Juice Plus

    I have tried juice plus but I am totally unconvinced infact I think it is a bad idea. There is NO substitute for fresh fruit and vegetables, Juice plus has NO fibre and we all need plenty of good fibre from natural fruit and vegetables and the Vitamin count is negligible!! Infact I have rarely seen anything with so few vitamins you need at least 1,000 mgms of vitamin C a day and there is nothing going on in these capsules 20.2 in juice plus there is more than that in an orange! there appears to be more anti caking substance which we can all do well without. Totally unconvinced the vitamins levels are atrocious.

  • BenV - Nailed it!

    This is perfect. If enough people read this then we won't have to worry about filling all the Predator and MC-12 "cockpits" and I can go back to focus on actually BEING a fighter pilot instead of vying for the one ops-to-ops assignment in the entire drop.

  • Melchor M Andres - Golf Digest

    I would recommend Golf Digest magazine to all my golfing buddies.This magazine covers all aspects of your game from clothes to your golf bag.

  • love-amazon - I THINK IT WORKS, though, it is quite expensive...

    i have used this product for 7 months- i've lost 60 lbs- BUT and BIG BUT, at the same time as starting real dose, i went from being totally inactive to quite active- i also went from eating WHATever i wanted, to doing weight watchers- i am not sure which did what, but i found losing the weight quite easy and all my prior insane cravings are gone- i am about to run out of my last bottle, part of me doesn't want to spend the money anymore (it is quite expensive) but i am also afraid to stop because it might have had something to do with my relatively easy weightloss you know? as well, i think it does make you cheerier- so i am afraid to stop for that reason too- i think it's worth a try - what do you have to lose? except perhaps some weight! sorry, couldn't resist lol