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Advanced Interventions Service - Home - Dundee Advanced Interventions Service. Specialist assessment and treatment of chronic, treatment-refractory depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

  • http://www.advancedinterventions.org.uk/index.php/the-service/referral-information/patients.html Advanced Interventions Service - I am a Patient/Carer - Information for patients and carers on how to be referred to the service. Also provides details on what to expect.
  • http://www.advancedinterventions.org.uk/index.php/the-service/assessment-process.html Advanced Interventions Service - Assessment Process - Details about the assessment process in Dundee - explains what to expect if you or a relative is being seen by the service.
  • http://www.advancedinterventions.org.uk/index.php/the-service/contact-us.html Advanced Interventions Service - Contact Us - Contact Details for the service, including mailing address, telephone, fax, and email addresses.
  • http://www.advancedinterventions.org.uk/index.php/the-service/how-to-find-us.html Advanced Interventions Service - How to Find Us - Information on the location of the service and details on how to reach us by car, train, or plane.
  • http://www.advancedinterventions.org.uk/index.php/interventions/history-of-nmd.html Advanced Interventions Service - History of NMD - A history of Neurosurgery for Mental Disorder from Phineas Gage, through Freeman & Watts, to the present day.
  • http://www.advancedinterventions.org.uk/index.php/ocd/ocd-treatment-guidelines.html Advanced Interventions Service - OCD Treatment Guidelines - Current treatment guidelines for treatment-refractory OCD. Explains the steps expected to have been tried before neurosurgical treatment.

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