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Adventist HealthCare Physical Health & Rehabilitation | Rockville, Maryland - Adventist HealthCare - Adventist HealthCare Physical Health & Rehabilitation, is the first and only acute rehabilitation hospital in Montgomery County, offers comprehensive rehabilitation programs.

  • http://www.adventistrehab.com/#Content Adventist HealthCare Rehabilitation | Rockville, Maryland - Adventist HealthCare - Adventist HealthCare Rehabilitation, is the first and only acute rehabilitation hospital in Montgomery County, offers comprehensive rehabilitation programs.
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  • http://www.adventistrehab.com/doctors/ Primary Care Doctors & Specialists - Adventist HealthCare - Whether new to the DC metro area or in need of a physician for any reason, our FREE referral service can connect you with the physician who is right for you.
  • http://www.adventistrehab.com/health/ Improve Your Health - Adventist HealthCare - Your health is our focus. We've been dedicated to bringing health to the community and the community into health for more than a century.
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  • http://www.adventistrehab.com/locations/physical-health-rehabilitation/about/ About Us - Adventist HealthCare - Adventist HealthCare Rehabilitation is the first and only acute rehabilitation hospital in Montgomery County.
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  • Octavio Hernandez - Lady Gaga's best album yet.

    Lady Gaga's best album yet! So I'm a huge fan of hers, from Just Dance tilll now. I love each of her albums, but it wasn't until ARTPOP (2013) that truly was the moment I knew I was going to be fan for LIFE. I seriously still do not understand and never will get why ARTPOP got so much hate, it was simply a FUN pop/ electronic album. Anyways, after that gaga decided to reinvent herself and released Cheek To Cheek, which I do not like simply because its not my type of music. It has now been 3 years since Miss Joanne has released a solo pop album! & yes I said pop, Joanne is a POP album at heart, pop music comes in many forms..

  • My2cents - Husband approves!

    Got this for my husband because while he has a Yeti, he wanted something for his cans and bottles as well. He likes the height of this, verses the smaller tumbler kind of can coolers. This fits great in his truck cupholders and he said that it keeps his drinks nice and cold! He said its definitely comparable to the Yeti in length of cold time as well. The only place he said it doesn't fit well is his dozer machines (he works on heavy equipment) - bit I highly doubt that any can cooler would work in those! LOL So far he's very pleased and would like another one. At least I know what I can get him for Christmas now... hehehe

  • Arturo - Would be great if it worked

    The Nest looks beautiful and sets up easily and well. One problem: It doesn't work. I have gone through two of these, spent hours on the line with customer support, and still have the same problems. The most vexing one is that it does not turn on in the morning to heat up the house. Not even in manual mode. The scheduled time says 5:45, but every morning (for more than 45 days), I have had to press "End Away" when I come downstairs to the freezing first floor. I have reset it, restarted it, replaced it, and still the same problem. Strangely, it seems to recognize other set points. One morning, for example, after I had to start it again by pressing "End Away," I set the temperature remotely to rise by an additional two degrees 30 minutes later. Presto, the temperature rose by two degrees. And yet, still, frustrating, maddeningly, annoyingly, it would not come on in the morning. There were other problems as well. During one learning cycle, it decided that the heat should come on at 12 noon, even though we are all awake by 630am and no one is usually in the house at noon (at least during the week). It never seems to recognize that anyone is in the room unless you stand right in front of it and wave your hand. Quite simply, it doesn't do what it claims to do. If this is a "learning" thermostat, it gets an F.