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Home Page | Aeranticorallo.it - AERANTI-CORALLO rappresenta circa mille imprese radiofoniche e televisive locali, analogiche e digitali, satellitari, via internet, nonché agenzie di informazione radiotelevisiva e concessionarie pubblicitarie radiotelevisive.

  • http://www.aeranticorallo.it/chi-siamo.html Chi Siamo | Aeranticorallo.it - AERANTI-CORALLO - Tutte le informazioni utili, le notizie, le normative e i links utili per le imprese radiotelevisive: broadcasters, aziende di prodotti e servizi, giornalisti e operatori. L'AERANTI inoltre riserva un'area del proprio sito a consulenza e informazione per i propri iscritti.

    Country:, Europe, IT

    City: 11.8833 Province of Arezzo, Italy

  • RhB2 - skeptical at first

    Have 2 kids and needed to resolve a flea infestation. followed directions and so far so good. Left the stuff down a couple of days and then vacumed. Had residual fleas for a couple of days, but it seems to have taken care of the issue in treated areas. The worst part about he whole thing is swatting at all the imaginary ones I now feel crawling on my legs after this started. It takes a lot more time for those to go away. Good product worth the money for sure


    I chose 5 stars because it is the perfect planner! I really like the organization of this planner! I chose to purchase the large jumbo one because I write pretty big and it keeps me organized with the different decorated pages! I will definitely keep my eyes out of the 2014-2015 planner!

  • Eboni - Amazing. Only need a little or else it takes ...

    We used this when moving out. Our landlord asked what product we used because he had seen the house a few days prior to us using it. Amazing. Only need a little or else it takes a while to dry and may leave a film.

  • Vincent - Easy Read with Deep Insights

    This is a great book. I can understand why it's been such a staple for Operations Management courses. I read it for a grad. Op. Mgmt class. It's an easy, entertaining read (in narrative form), and it uses easy to relate to example to illustrate important concepts. I've never worked in manufacturing, and I don't plan to, but this book opened my eyes a lot of widely useful ideas about creating/managing effective processes.

  • DonSharon - continues to delight. can't wait for next episode

    the crazy family , you never expected to care about , continues to delight . can't wait for next episode !

  • Richard - Good with limitations

    I am a registered nurse who now must monitor my own blood pressure regularly. I appreciate the traditional BP cuff that connects to the inflation and monitoring unit. The accuracy is very good and it has the advantage of providing a record for diagnosis and medication management. The major limitation is the docking connection for the iPhone or iPad. The 30 pin connector is a standard length and may not work with iPhone and iPad cases. The 30 pin to Lightning adapter for my iPhone 5 worked well. I needed to purchase a 30 pin to 30 pin extended (Amazon for under $4) so that it would work with my wife's iPhone 4s in a case.

  • angel soto - I first met him when he was about 3 months old at a friends house and instantly fell in love with the little guy

    My 9 month old Boston terrier was the most energetic, friendly, loving pup I've ever met. I first met him when he was about 3 months old at a friends house and instantly fell in love with the little guy. 3 months later my friend passed Piggie on to me for personal reasons. My neighborhood is crawling with stray cats and its not the tidiest place in Philly so i bought this collar to keep Piggie protected when we go for walks, which is often because of his high levels of energy. Now, he's laying on the couch curled up in a ball vomiting every 15 - 30 minutes as i wait for my ride to the emergency vet. FUCK YOU HARTZ..