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  • jason bergmann - Smoke tail light

    I currently have had no problems with this product. Easy install and connected right to bike. Bright led and visible turn signals w/ 3x flash when breaks applied makes me feel safer on the road.

  • Victoria - Product is a scam

    Product doesn't work at all. Made me gain weight and tired more. Its funny how some people said it works but did a 1 star review...just so the 1 star people could see the review..

  • isoinfo - iHealth suppport is as worthless as the device.

    This thing is completely worthless and the company does NOT care. I got this as a gift from my daughter. It took five tries the first time to get a reading and it was over 80 mg/dL higher than the one I took on my regular meter. No instructions for calibration come with the unit.

  • LuvLyGrl - Thin! Full after just one pee then overflowing after the second!

    This is the only diaper we use for our son. It's so soft and cotton-like that we know he will be comfortable on it. The wetness indicator is also a big plus. It's so expensive compared to other diapers but the pros outweigh the cons. Or so I thought! I used to give this a 5-star rating but now, I'm changing it to 1. After over a year of using and loving it, I noticed that the last box we bought from Amazon has a different quality. It's so much thinner and looks like a knock-off. We always buy from Babies R Us (BRU) and we love it but I noticed that it's cheaper from Amazon so I bought a box. Unfortunately, you get what you pay for. I still have a few from the one I bought from Babies R Us so I compared it and the difference is so noticeable. The BRU diaper is thick, cotton-like soft & has one Sesame Street character's face on it while the one from Amazon is so thin, still soft but way less than the BRU & has full body Sesame Street characters on it. When I tried it on my son, the wetness indicator turned blue all the way from front to back while I was still fastening it! There is no way my son could pee that much in seconds! To think that I'm not even done changing him! With the BRU Pampers Swaddlers, one pee from my son would show a little blue indicating that it's wet but not to the point that all the line would turn blue. Aside from that, my baby is a boy so if he pees, that first part that would get wet would be the front going to the back once full but not with the Amazon Pampers. All the line gets wet with one pee... as in front to back! Is it probably because it's so thin it cannot hold more than one pee? If so, it's not worth the money! I am so disappointed. I don't know why one specific brand has so many different kinds. This is the only diaper we used so I know when something changed.

  • Gina - I've also been happy using crest white strips

    Only whitening system that works without a professional treatment. I've also been happy using crest white strips, but they don't help with sensitive teeth. I would never use any other whitening product except for supersmile! Toothpaste with Accelerator is amazing. When I first tried it from qvc, I saw the difference in ONE DAY!!

  • A. Swainhart - Kenzo Jungle L Elephant

    One my Fav's. Every time I wear It women want to know what I have on. I have to write it down. Then I tell them where I bought it. Hopefully they'll be enough for me next time I try to buy it on here again! I've loved Jungle L Elephant since it came out! I'm so happy I can find it on Amazon.com!