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  • ceopixton - What to try next

    Just received this book less then 24 hrs ago and just made breakfast out of it!!! It was amazing.... can't wait to try more recipes. Always been a fan of the blog but now I have this beautiful cookbook with amazing recipes to have right at my fingertips.

  • H. H. River - Fantastic

    I have been looking for the prefect pill to help me out. It helps keep my need to eat lower than the normal without it and is perfect for making me feel more motivated to get up and more. It also has shown a few pounds of weight loss already. I am very impressed with this product. It was on discount but i love the product so much I plan to purchase it and set up regular deliveries of it.

  • Krystal - FALSE POSITIVE

    We have been trying to conceive for almost 4 years and I have always used FRER because it is said to be the most trustworthy and shows a positive before other brands. After all these years of trying, I was overjoyed to get a positive result. It was clearly positive (dark pink line - NOT an evap. line) and trust me, I know how to take a pregnancy test correctly. I use a cup to test in case this were to ever happen, and I excitedly got out two more tests from the box to confirm. You can imagine my shock when both tests came up NEGATIVE. I was absolutely crushed. All the tests were taken with the same urine, so it must have been a faulty test. I can't say for sure if the new design is to blame, but in 4 years I have never had this happen with the old tests. I read a few other reviews that said the same thing happened to them. I called the company and they issued me a refund, but it doesn't make me feel any better. I've completely lost faith in these tests.

  • Ganesh Devaraj - Brings Einstein kind of clarity to business management

    In this book, Collins mentions about how, before Einstein, two other eminent scientists wrote down a formally equivalent theory to Einstein's theory of Special Relativity, but it was not until Einstein's piercing insight simplified the theory to some basic postulates, did scientists appreciate the truth. For people who were trying to build a solid business and get it on the path to greatness, the spectacular growth (atleast in market value) of companies during the Internet boom years did not ring true, but who would listen, least of all the hundreds of VCs fueling this exuberance. In contrast, the insights gained by Collins and his team, from over 15,000 hours of well-directed research done over five years, will ring true to anybody who is going through the process of building a great company through deliberate steps without being swayed by the most current management fad or the hottest unrelated market opportunity.

  • Jason C. Mitchell - Dilbert is great. Writing reviews on an e-reader isn't.

    Okay, these are chronological strips, not ones about a common subject. That's a good thing because you're not paying for strips you'll read/have read in other books. Dilbert is very funny.

  • mary tatar - Couldn't put it down!

    I had every intention of having a productive day until I started reading this book. I couldn't put this wonderful book down. Seriously, though I can't tell you enough what this book did to me. I want to read it again. I'm a such a sucker for teenage angst and Penelooe writes a good one. Truly this pne shot straight of my list of best books this year.