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  • C. Gouker - How much red do you really have?

    If you have allergy/medical level redness, this is just another foundation. Only very expensive and in a tiny jar. I have major redness. Like true crayon-red, tomato, sunburn face. I manage this in many ways. However, this was not some miracle product for a person with my level red. My redness still shows through, but reduced. If you have my level red you need a green based primer or corrector, not a neutral one like this. This has a thick consistency, is true neutral not too pink or too yellow. A little does go a long way, but if I still need to put on a foundation, for my amount of red this is not cost effective. Try Revlon Colorstay Whipped with Clinique Redness Solutions Daily Protective Base under it. Also this product is much cheaper on the IT cosmetics website. I think if you have average red, go for it, a jar could last you forever. Great ingredients and has a dry texture, if you are oily. You're gonna need some powder over it if you want it to last more like a foundation. Especially if you have the kind of redness that most other people can't understand. Edited to clarify: I should say this is not a foundation, as it does not last the day. This is a corrector for mild to average redness. I don't notice it performing any better than a good concealer at hiding freckles/spots/scars. Start with a tiny amount because this will give you cakey skin fast. I use Real Techniques expert face brush, start at outside (reddest area) of my face and blend inward. Finish with a setting spray after powdering to help with the dry appearance. Does apply nicely over my SPF.

  • D. Auffret - I got over 10 and all worked fine

    I have purchased this printer for a business, and they have worked fine. They were easy enough to setup, and had them working with our online POS in next to no time.

  • JMU 1998 - Fast, stable, excellent coverage, solid build and very easy setup!

    Reliable and fast WiFi with excellent coverage, very easy to setup, took less than 10 minutes that included unboxing. Finally have stable connection in deadzones. This system provides excellent coverage exceeded my expectations. Solid build quality and looks sharp. This is a very powerful machine so there is hope with subsequent firmware releases it gets better, like more robust Qos configuration, advanced and unique features, and sustainable solid performance.

  • jhnht - NOT good, case NOT waterproof!

    I had a great time with this camera, although some of the footage turned out a little choppy when on hike, the resolution turned out nice enough for a lower end action camera. I was pleased, here I thought, let's bring it on a trip.

  • Patrika Simmonds - A must buy!!!!

    Let me just say I usually don't write reviews but this is a must. Been using this for a week now and I noticed a difference. And this is a MUST BUY for any women! Whether your trying to keep your hormones balance, have dryness, UTIs, BV or yeast infections this is WELL WORTH you'd money. Please listen to me

  • Tigger - Easter Egg Hunt!

    High praise from all reviewers including myself so I just wanted to mention if you or anyone else noticed any other "Easter Eggs" in the illustrations besides the obvious differences in the Hogwarts Greenhouses on the end sheets.