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  • Christian Adriano - Pretty Effective

    When I came to the US a few months ago, I got these bad rashes on my arms that turned into 3 nasty full-blown ring-shaped wounds. Suffice it to say that the resulting scars were horrible to look at. After they got better, I began to look for the best scar removal cream if such a thing does exist and read about this cream from Foxbrim. I read a lot of good reviews about it and decided to try it. I never regretted the decision.

  • Thomas Family - Awesome for hair loss- not as mosturizing as I expected

    This hair mask it definitely helps with the shedding of hair, but it isn't as moisturizing as I expected.

  • Amazon Customer - big waste of money

    After reading the reviews I anxiously awaited the "miracle" part of Natures Miracle. Well after 2 full gallons applied all at once to my area rug (where my two little dogs had been peeing on the sly), you can imagine my disappointment when the odor only intensified. Now I had been seeing this comment in the reviews so I patiently awaited 3 more days before risking a close nose sniff. A close nose sniff was not necessary however as my whole house now reeked of old urine. So much for miracle... after reading more in depth I found that the natures miracle name had been sold and the new owner of the company name had changed the formulation, rendering it ineffective.

  • Nicole Westervelt - Doesn't match all the skin tones

    I purchased this product because of all the hype about how it matches to your skin tone and so after reading so many good reviews I brought the product and all it does is make my fair skin look orange! So i don't recommend this product to anyone with fair skin because it didn't work for me.

  • leo-iii - Watch out! DOn't buy this unlesws you are prepared to pay $2 per employee per month!

    This product is most incompletely described here on Amazon. You are told that the enhanced payroll does direct deposit for you. Well, we don't need that, but the $99 additional that I spent for a year of payroll service was attractive so I bought the bundled product. Well, when I came to activate the product I was told by Intuit that there was a charge of $2 per month per employee because of the free facility to do direct deposit. Free, my arse! The integrated payroll, I was told, is Symphony payroll. Also not part of the description here.

  • Alana - Awesome!

    I just bought a new Toyota Sienna and was astonished at the giant antenna. This is great. Not distracting like the other one. : )

  • Coalheart - Great for OTR truck drivers.

    I use this as an OTR truck driver. It's great for route planning. It's really nice seeing an overview of your route as well as planning stops and 10 hour breaks with ease. ( I also use Truck Stops Plus add-on, so I know where all the truck stops/ weigh stations Wal-Marts etc are and can easily add them to my route).