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International health and travel insurance for students - Aon Student Insurance - We cover medical costs, travel and stay for your study abroad. Worldwide emergency assistance 24/7.

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  • Bwatson2015 - Works fast!

    If you are looking for a fast cleanse that works this is your product. The 3 steps are easy to follow. I had no funny tastes from any of the product and I felt great after using it. It seemed to give me a boost in energy after I finished the cleanse. I used the product while on vacation before my wedding and I could actually tell a difference from before and after.

  • Robert Abel - I loved the hive mother scenes I'm sure you will too

    A worthy sequel to the 1996 blockbuster, similar, but yet different. The story tells of what happened after the events depicted in the first film by about twenty years. Some of the original charactors are back, not all, and now they face the full might of the alien hordes. That they succeed says much for our literally uncrushable spirit and determination. Spoiler alert, I loved the hive mother scenes I'm sure you will too. I do recommend this film- it's a good one for family viewing.

  • S.M. - Works really well but ...

    Works pretty well but is so hard to get out. It takes all my strength to squeeze the stuff out. It works well on most surfaces and seems to really stick stuff together when it does work, even my fingers--have to be careful!

  • jerod King - Saw some comparisons to the Quest bar but I like the Quest bar better

    These are just okay. Saw some comparisons to the Quest bar but I like the Quest bar better. They both have ingredients that I wish they didn't have but the Quest goes down easier, isn't as rubbery or chewy. Still looking for a 20 gram protein bar that doesn't have all the unnatural ingredients.

  • Jeremy C. Black - if you are looking for cheap cards these are great.

    Got these to scratch an itch, and for cheap cards they offered a lot. There were many subsets of cards, and I got a rookie EzE patch card that is worth about $5. All in all the cards would sell for more than the box I purchased!


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